5 Crazy Things To Do In Texas

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Some people vacation to relax, while others want to see more than the average attractions. You won't be disappointed in Texas if it's the crazy and weird you want. Partner them up with sumptuous food, exciting places to see, and friendly locals – it's one of the places to be where you can find the unique and unforgettable. If you're thinking of your next destination, here are some of the best things to enjoy at Lone Star State.

Crazy things to do in Texas
Crazy things to do in Texas

View A Hand Collection Of Famous People

There are so many reasons why people would take the Houston to Dallas bus. One good reason is the Adrian E. Flatt M.D. Hand Collection. For those who have a thing for hands, this collection can be a thing of beauty. The place doesn't house actual limbs on display, of course, but bronze casts of the hands of specific famous individuals. How many orthopedic surgeons with a unique obsession with hands made it known to the public with their museum?

The collection began as a way for Doctor Flatt to plan hand surgeries. It was also during the 1950s when he began molding his fellow surgeons' hands. The detailed casts he created from plaster molds were his attempt to prove that there is no such thing as standard or usual hands of surgeons.

Tour Haunted Locations On A Hearse

Tourists have varying reasons to visit a locality: food trips, historical landmarks, shopping, and visiting haunted places. The paranormal has a following all over the globe, and Austin knows how to give ghost lovers an out-of-this-world experience. A local company in Austin specializes in providing tours at haunted places while riding a hearse. It can add an eerie feeling to the unique experience and has successfully given visitors the spookiness they crave.

The hearse can fit up to 10 tourists at a time. They will be taken to the Driskill Hotel and Austin State Hospital. Visitors also offer a Paranormal Investigation experience where guests will learn about the history of a specific haunted location. They will also be using standard equipment for seeking paranormal evidence. It's a paranormal lover's dream tour.

Visit An Alien Gravesite

If you want another other-worldly spot to visit, how about heading to where aliens and UFOs supposedly crash-landed? It was said that an unidentified flying object destroyed a windmill belonging to Judge J.S. Proctor. The incident took place outside of Aurora back in 1897. TJ Weems, an army officer, reported that the pilot that passed away was 'not of this world.' The pilot was supposedly buried at the local Aurora Cemetery.

The collision caused debris to fill a well that was said to have caused arthritis in the property's new owner. Many believe that the incident occurred, even though some still doubt the story's authenticity. While the gravesite is still there, you can expect that the location still has radiation. Radar technology that penetrates the ground doesn't work at the gravesite. That being said, belief is up to the visitor.

Dare To Dive In Jacob's Well

Swimming in lakes and rivers sounds like an everyday summer staple, but there's a body of water that intrigues specific people. Some that like the danger and the mystery of Jacob's Well know that those who dare to do deep diving in the 30-foot watering hole are looking for more than what typical crystal-clear water can provide. Scuba divers still frequent this popular destination near Wimberley.

Jacobs Well
Jacobs Well

The perennial karstic spring was believed to have been discovered in 1850 by settlers. At that time, the watering hole measured a diameter of 12 feet. It was spouting water at a height of five feet. They named the spring Jacob's Well because it was biblical in appearance. It quenched the thirst of many in the past until it was used to run a sawmill. Modern times were able to penetrate the well 4,500 feet deep, considered the state's second-largest fully submerged cave.

Go Bat-Watching Outside Bracken Cave

Not everyone likes real-life bats, but naturalists and enthusiasts of the nocturnal creatures can visit the birthplace of the largest bat colony in the world. You won't have to go inside the cave if you don't prefer it. You can stay outside by dusk and watch flying bats hunt outside the cave. The cave houses around 20 million bats of the Mexican free-tail species. They gather in the cave from March to October to breed and give birth to their young.

In Conclusion

These were only a few of the weirdest places to see in Texas. The state has many fantastic natural and artificial attractions you can only see there. One could owe it to Texas' own wild and untamed beauty. At the same time, the other is the population boom where the gathering of beautiful and quirky minds has created weird yet entertaining installations. If you're ever in Texas, don't forget to savor the experiences you won't find anywhere else.

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