Travel Vaccinations [Chart]

Staying Healthy

When traveling, it is important to check on whether there is a risk of disease at your destination where you will require travel vaccinations as a preventative measure. Often, these vaccinations need to be planned well in advance so it is vital that you educate yourself on the risks.

We have put together the following table to help you decide. Please note, this is an overview only and be sure to seek the advice of a medical professional.

Yellow Fever
Africa, South & Central AmericaLow-MediumMosquitoesFever, muscle pains, headache, shivers, nausea and vomitingLive attenuated viral vaccine (Stamaril)Single dose protects for 10 years (An International Certificate of Vaccination is
Dengue Fever
Asia, Oceania, Africa, Central & South America and Caribbean
MediumMosquitoesFever, headache, pain behind the eyes and severe aching of muscles and bones
No vaccine
Africa, Southern Asia and Latin AmericaLow-MediumInfected feces or salivaDiarrheaOral inactivated (Dukoral)2 doses from 7 days to 6 weeks apart (lasts 2 years)60-70%
Asia, Africa and South America
MediumInfected feces or salivaFever, headaches, fatigue and constipation (although diarrhea may also occur)Oral live-attenuated vaccine (Vivotif oral) or Injectable, synthetic (Typhim Vi/Typherix)Oral - Three capsules at 0, 3, 5 days
Injection - Single dose
(both provide 3 yrs protection)
Meningococcal MeningitisAfrica, AsiaLowCoughing, sneezing, kissingFever, intense headache, vomiting and neck stiffness. Severe cases - skin rashInjection - Polysaccharide ACYW135 vaccine (Menomune/Mencevax)A single dose provides three years protection90%
RabiesAsia, Africa and South AmericaMediumThrough the saliva of infected mammals (commonly a dog or monkey bite)Headache, cough, fever, nausea, tiredness, pain, itching or tingling at the siteInjection -inactivated viral vaccine (MIRV/Rabipur)Three doses at 0, 7 and 28 days provides protection for 10 years +90-95%
Hepatitis AWorldwideMediumInfected feces, saliva and other contaminated items such as moneyFever, loss of appetite, nausea and pain in the right upper abdomen, followed within several days by jaundiceInactivated virus vaccine (Havrix / Avaxim / Vaqta)Single dose, followed by a booster at 6 to 12 months (effective for 20-30 years)99%
Hepatitis BWorldwideMedium-HighBodily fluids, blood, usually through sexual contactGradually increasing fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and pain in the right upper abdomen. There may also be a rash and pain in the joints that are followed by jaundice and darkening of the urineSynthetic vaccine (Engerix-B / HB VaxII)Days 0, 7 and 21, with a booster at 12 months (effective for life)90%
Japanese EncephalitisAsia and the Pacific regionLowMosquitoesEarly - flu-like with headache, fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. Later - confusion and disturbances in behaviorInactivated virus vaccine (Jespect)2 doses given IMI on days 0, 28 + 4 days (effective for life)96%
Influenza (Flu)WorldwideMedium-HighDirect contact with an infected person, contact with a contaminated object or by inhalationFever, lethargy, muscle aches and pains and a coughInactivated virus vaccine - intramuscularSingle dose (effective for 9-12 months)80% +
PolioAfrica, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, IndonesiaLowInfected feces or salivaMild - flu-like, Severe - irreversible paralysis of legs (most commonly), arms or even the diaphragmInactivated viral vaccine (IPOL)3 doses are administered at least 4 weeks apart with a booster every 10 yearsOver 95%
DiphtheriaWorldwideLowCoughing and sneezing or or by direct contact with wounds or items soiled by infected personsMild fever, sore throat, problems swallowing, generally feeling unwell and a loss of appetiteDiphtheria toxoidPrimary series is given from 6-8 weeks of age. 3 doses are administered at least 4 weeks apart, with boosters at 4 and 12 -17 years of age (effective 10 years)Over 95%
EbolaParts of Western AfricaLowBodily fluids, bloodNo vaccineN/AN/A
ChikungunyaAfrica, Asia, Parts of Europe, CaribbeanMediumMosquitoesExcruciating joint painNo vaccineN/AN/A


The information provided in the table above is to be used for informational purposes only. Backpacker Travel does not take responsibility for any possible consequences arising from reading or following the information contained here.

Epidemics and diseases abroad are constantly changing. Please check for current outbreaks and seek the advice of a qualified travel doctor before traveling.

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