Alex Alain-Leblanc

Adventuress on the Road

When I was young, I wanted to be an explorer like Marco Polo or Christophe Colombo. The world was to me, a large playground that I had to discover. My thirst to see the world, meet different people, and share, just share everything, has just amplified over the years. The forest behind my house soon turned into the Cordilleras of the Andes in Peru and into the great mountains of Nepal.

As a responsible woman traveler from Quebec, I want to share my experiences and encourage each person in their conquest of the world. I am a true touche à tout; I’ve climbed the mountains of Peru and Nepal, explored the seabed of Honduras and the Fiji Islands, visited museums in France, worked on farms in New Zealand, surfing the waves of Australia, done yoga in Thailand and eaten my way through Southeast Asia. In short, I enjoy life.

The best part is that I have not finished my life on the road. Because, when you catch the travel bug, it’s over, it’s an incurable disease.

Now, don’t be afraid, take your bag and leave! Take all the advice you will receive and build your own travel diary. India, Mongolia or Argentina are waiting for you (or for me!)

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