Jonathan Hodgson

International Tour Leader and Professional Photographer

I’d say that adequately sums up my road less traveled. At the expense of what many would consider a normal life, I have found a career and a passionate hobby have gone hand-in-hand to bring about much fulfillment in this existence.

I love to travel, take photos, and participate in the occasional camel race. Luckily, my current career as an international tour leader has helped in facilitating all of these interests. Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, a varied life has allowed me to live in Scotland, Australia, several cities in Canada, and as I type this, Uzbekistan. This has allowed for (at least what I hope to be) an international perspective on politics, economics, and global goings-on.

My background includes managing backpacker hostels in Scotland for five years, an MBA from the University of British Columbia, a BA in Psychology from McGill University and now 7+ years in leading small group tours in far-flung destinations around the globe for a Vancouver-based travel company called Adventures Abroad. It should be noted that these activities have been squeezed in amongst almost 20 years of international travel to six of the seven continents. Suffice it to say, the travel bug bit a long time ago and it is incredibly difficult to lose said bug. Not that I want to, mind you.

Of course, life always brings new loves and new experiences and the latest has been to marry my lovely wife, Acelle Garipova, at a charming sunset beach wedding in Koh Sukorn, Thailand. Not to be outdone on big life events, we just introduced our charming son, Alexander Connor Hodgson, to the world.

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