Kayla Colyard

Travel Enthusiast and Photographer

After studying abroad in London in 2009, I knew travel needed to be a part of my life. I knew that after I graduated undergrad I had to see more of what was out there, experience new people, places, and step outside my limits. After working for a year in NY with the American Red Cross, I decided to teach abroad in Thailand.

Teaching abroad taught me more lessons than any classroom could have. I constantly needed to think on my feet and deal with chaos, confusion, and the unknown on the regular – it became enjoyable and the greatest sense of entertainment. Not only did I spend a year teaching, but I was also fortunate to backpack through Southeast Asia and experience 6 countries within a year, all proving to me that travel absolutely changes you.

In knowing I want to continue a life of travel and give back to local communities, I will be furthering my education to get an M.S. International Development and Service Degree. This program gives me the opportunity to study abroad in two different locations and I couldn’t be more excited! I know it will both be terrifying and amazing, and for those two reasons, I must pursue it.

Live your life how you see fit, there is no one “right” way, regardless of what people tell you. Get out there to see for yourself, because when you give yourself to a new place, it will give you yourself back. Try new things, balance your fear with hope, and seek adventure each step of the way.

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