Meghan Waters Mbaye


Hey everyone and welcome to Backpacker Travel!

As a kid, my parents took us on road trips all over the United States. Every summer we hit the road to explore a new region of the country. I was very fortunate to have visited most of the country by a very young age and during my first trip to New York, at age 14, I knew I would be a lifelong explorer.

I fell in love with New York on that first trip and moved there at age 18 for college. In 2004 and 2005, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and spent my weekends backpacking around Europe. I was lucky enough that year, with the advice of a very wise traveler who was also my professor, to explore Europe more like a local than a tourist. That year I stayed in small villages camped under bridges, hiked insane mountains, attended local festivals, and broke bread with people all over the continent. My addiction to travel really kicked in that year.

I have now visited just under 60 countries, have lived in Tanzania, The Gambia, and Colombia and have spent a few months in both Chile and Costa Rica. No matter where I am, I have an itch to keep on moving. Colorado will always be where my family is, New York will always feel like home, but I will forever feel like a global citizen.

This world is full of amazingly beautiful places to see, people to meet and adventures to be had. Regardless of whether you have been traveling for years or are a brand new traveler, my hope is that my work with Backpacker Travel inspires you to keep on exploring. Happy travels!

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