Michael Glass

Founder of Backpacker Travel

Hi there my name is Michael. I would like to welcome you to Backpacker Travel and thank you for stopping by. I created this site as a resource and tool to help anyone looking to explore the world.

Back in 1997, I traveled from my hometown of Sydney to America to play on the professional beach volleyball tour, living in Long Beach, California and training at Huntington Beach. Although I didn’t win millions it was my first major exposure to living and traveling overseas and a turning point in my life… from then on I knew travel would be a huge part of me.

Soon after my return to Australia I packed my bags and backpacked for many months through the UK and Europe, having all kinds of adventures and meeting interesting people at every stop. During this four-month journey, I encountered more than my fair share of mishaps (like being stung by a scorpion fish in Santander, Spain) but with each obstacle that was flung my way I discovered more and more inner strength.

Travel started to infiltrate my every thought and so I began my career as a travel agent. During my career, I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively most years and have always taken pleasure from creating extraordinary experiences for my clients.

I have toured throughout Southeast and Northern Asia, lived in Mauritius, traveled to every state and territory in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific and had some amazing, unforgettable experiences. The journey for me will never end as there is still so much left to see and many more friends to be made along the way.

Since moving to San Francisco I have been leading walking tours with a major tour company. This move away from the computer was the breath of fresh air that I needed to instigate my next project – Boutique Traveler, private travel experiences for adventurous couples.

One of the things that struck me was how differently visitors and locals respond to a city. Visitors seem to approach a new city with open eyes and an open mind while that city’s locals often overlook the experiences that are literally on their doorstep.

Having experienced San Francisco as both a visitor and a local I feel inspired and empowered to bridge the gap that currently exists.

Finally – I hope you enjoy reading about my travel ideas, experiences, and adventures, and I encourage you to interact through the comments section or by contacting me personally. For me, that is what travel is all about, “Discovery and Interaction”.

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