Greg & Emma Reynolds

Overland Adventurers

Greg and Emma are a couple who live in Sydney Australia. Greg was raised down under while Emma migrated from the UK. Drawn to travel and adventure at an early age they started working in the travel industry not long after leaving school.

Their love for travel escalated and they found themselves always looking for bigger challenges and thrills. They are now enamored by overland travel and are currently trying to reach Singapore from Cape Town without flying. They are inspired by Michael Palin and his many exploits and site such films like Indiana Jones and The Mummy as their favorites.

Overlanding is an amazing way to see the world as it adds another dimension to your travels. It takes you to places and puts you in situations that you never expected. It’s also incredible to think you have come all this way every inch without ever using a plane.

We interviewed Greg and Emma for our Featured Traveler series where you can read more about their amazing adventures.

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