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Vaccinations & Diseases

Whether it’s the bird flu, ebola or more commonly malaria, travelers run the risk of being exposed to a variety of diseases when they cross international borders. Don’t freak out, there are steps you can take to protect yourself, starting with travel vaccines.

Travel Vaccinations [Chart]

See which travel shots you should get in a glance with our comprehensive vaccinations table.

How Much is Enough?

This guide features a series of travelers who have not only been there and done it, but have kept a detailed record of what they spent along the way.

Things to do Before You Go

No matter how long you are planning on being away there’s plenty to get organized before you leave. In this guide we have put together a checklist of sorts to ensure you get on the plane as stress-free as possible, knowing that everything has been taken care of.

Staying Healthy

Backpacker Travel's guides to staying fit and healthy while traveling. Including, how to deal with jet lag, motion sickness, vaccinations and more.

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on Holidays

We go to all the trouble of planning where to stay and what we are going to do each day on our trip so why is it that after all this effort we leave our health in the hands of the gods.

Cambodia - Land of the Khmer

No one can visit this bite-sized country and not be changed by it. As the temple hub of the world, tourists are arriving fast and furious. Cambodia is a country that is firmly putting its past behind to embrace the 21st century.

Backpacker 101

Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned traveler looking for specific backpacking tips, we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow, comprehensive list of “how to” guides to help you throughout all stages of your travel journey

Staying Healthy

Getting sick on holidays is the worst. These guides will help you to stay fit and healthy while traveling and Include, how to deal with jet lag, motion sickness, vaccinations and more.

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