5 Things You've Gotta Experience in Egypt

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Egypt may be a cradle for humanity with thousands of years of history, but it’s also rich with modern culture. Found in northeastern Africa, the country receives visitors from all over the globe due to its rich attractions.

From prehistoric sites to modern culture and the natural marvel, it’s hard to explore everything. But with the following list of best things to do in Egypt, you should be ready for a thrilling tour!

camel and the pyramids
Camel and the Pyramids

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Before we hop into the must-do things while in Egypt, it’s important to note that many foreign visitors still need a visa to get there.

Obtaining an Egypt e-Visa is the simplest and quickest way to visit Egypt. This document is issued by the Egyptian government. As a traveler, you can apply either for a multiple or single-entry e-Visa, depending on your purpose of visit.

If you choose multiple entries, then the validity period of your visa extends to 6 months, while the single-entry visa stays valid for three months. Both allow a 30-day stay at a time.

All applications have 7 business days of processing time, meaning that foreign travelers should submit their applications online at least 1 week before the planned trip.

You’ll need a phone, laptop, PC, or tablet and a few required documents, such as a valid passport, to apply online.

The official way to get a visa to Egypt is by applying via the governmental website or booking an appointment at the nearest Egyptian Embassy in your home country. Those who want to save time can consider the online application on https://visa-for-egypt.com/. It can be a convenient alternative to a regular visa as the process consists only of three steps and can be done within minutes from home! The approved Egypt e-Visa is sent to an applicant’s email inbox in the form of a PDF file.

Let’s now move on to Egyptian exploration!

1. Stop by the Pyramids of Giza

On top of the many reasons, people visit Egypt is to look at the majestic grandeur and splendor of the pyramid of Giza. Without a doubt, it’s a sight not to miss. With over 4000 years, it’s rich with history and culture to admire. Also known by other names like the pyramid of Cheops or Khufu, it was the first of the three in the region.

It dates back to 2570 BC and stands out as the oldest among the world’s seven wonders. In addition, it’s the only prehistoric wonder that’s almost intact if you’re feeling bold, spare several minutes to walk inside this tomb.

Further, there are a handful of other tombs within the area to visit if you have a spirit of adventure. You can ride on a camel or stop by the panoramic viewing point for a cool photo.

pyramid giza
Pyramid near Giza

2. Cruise along the Nile River

Besides cruising on Africa’s and the world’s longest river, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the spectacular view of the capital. The ride on a boat along this river is both refreshing and relaxing.

The breeze and the surrounding view just take your breath. If you are traveling in a larger group, you can book a tour with a cruise ship. It provides entertaining facilities and a very smooth ride.

However, as a small group, sailing on dahabiya will be a better option. For a spirited ride, the small sailboat has what it takes. Moreover, it’s great for couples and provides a romantic experience.

Lastly, cruising along the Nile River provides you with access to multiple sites located along with it, such as Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Esna.

panorama of nile river
Panorama of Nile river

3. Scuba Dive in the Blue Hole

With a maximum depth of 328 feet, the Blue Hole is an excellent spot for daring adventures. In this place, you can do various kinds of water activities, from snorkeling to scuba diving.

It has a pristine coral reef that’s home to various fish and marine life to admire.

For an unforgettable underwater experience, dive up to six feet, and you will spot a saddle. And if you look closely, you will spot a tunnel that exits about 492 feet into the sea from the sinkhole. It’s about 85 feet long and referred to as an arch.

Since the arch is tough to locate, you may find yourself descending to the complete length of the sinkhole. The place is exciting and daring to explore. So if you are up for sea dive challenges, don’t miss out on exploring the Blue Hole.

blue hole
Blue Hole

4. Hike at Mount Sinai

Another site for the audaciously bold adventurous is Mount Sinai. At 7, 497ft, it presents a span of challenges. But the rewards from each challenge are simply remarkable. There are stunning views of the land below, and the best part is reaching the peak.

While you find your way to the top, you can also digest the exciting religious history of this place. Speaking of religion, the mountain is a famous pilgrimage site where Christians, Muslims, and Jews come to pay homage to their religious beliefs.

view from mount sinai at sunrise
View from Mount Sinai at sunrise

5. Try Sandboarding

With wave surfing, that’s something you can do anywhere, but Egypt provides you with a rare opportunity of Sandboarding. Have you ever heard of this? Well, it’s both dramatic and pleasing.

For the best experience, ensure you visit Siwa Oasis. It has the best dunes for surfing, not just in Egypt, but in the whole world! With some sand dunes standing as high as 459 feet, it’s a long and thrilling ride down.


There are strikingly great things to do in Egypt. The above-listed ones are just a taste of the best options to start with.

Jeep-ride through the desert, snorkel and explore the coral reef, go on a camel ride to experience the sunrise among the pyramids, or relax in one of Egypt’s most luxurious resorts!

Don’t forget to make an online application for the Egypt e-Visa at least 7 business days ahead of the planned departure date to enjoy an effortless traveling experience!

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