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Bangkok is a bustling city nestled in some beautiful geography, and there are tons of fun places to go and fun activities to do in this traveler’s paradise. Hitting up all of the standard tourist stops like the many beautiful temples is worth your time, but there are also some lesser-known unique things to do in Bangkok. Check out this list for some cool additions to your schedule while in Bangkok.

1. Coffee Tasting Tour

Coffee tasting in Bangkok
Coffee tasting in Bangkok

Italy has wine, France has cheese, Germany has beer, and Thailand has coffee. If you’re a lover of java, you will definitely want to take advantage of all the incredible, organic coffee produced here. You can definitely enjoy some delicious coffee or specialty coffee drinks at any of a number of cafes and restaurants, but the best way to get the full Bangkok coffee experience is to go on a coffee tasting tour with a local.

You can find a local coffee connoisseur to guide you through the city with a focus on coffee. A great place to find a coffee guide is Take Me Tour. Chances are, your guide will be able to offer all kinds of unique Bangkok insights beyond just coffee.

2. Escape Break Bangkok

Escape Break Bangkok
Escape Break Bangkok

Escape room games are becoming popular all around the world, but this gem in Bangkok is worth making time for. One thing that makes Escape Break Bangkok stand out is that they offer four different scenarios – Outbreak, Relic Rush, Ghost Ship, and Kowloon Captive. Work together with a team of 2-7 players and solve puzzles to try to get out of the room within 60 minutes. Hitting up an Escape Room in Bangkok is a perfect thing to do before grabbing a great meal in the Bangrak district.

3. Ghost Tower

Views from the Ghost Tower
Views from the Ghost Tower

When thinking about fun things to do in Bangkok, you can’t ignore the nightlife. Sure, there’s an active club scene and plenty to do in this city after dark, but perhaps the coolest thing not to miss during a Bangkok night is a climb up the infamous Ghost Tower.

The spookily nicknamed Ghost Tower is really an abandoned condominium building called Sathorn Unique Condominium. Urban legends abound about this place, the construction of which was halted after the architect was involved in a political assassination plot. The abandoned structure is not in great shape and is even a little bit dangerous, but you really can’t beat the view. A climb to the top of this tower at sunset will yield a breathtaking view of the city. Stay into nighttime for the full display of Bangkok’s night lights.

4. Night Markets

Night market in Bangkok
Night market in Bangkok

Like many major cities, Bangkok has tons of great markets to explore. What makes Bangkok stand out, though, are the many fabulous nighttime markets. There are several busy night markets to explore in Bangkok, with an abundance of unique shopping opportunities. If you’re into vintage style, check out Green Vintage Night Market. If you like shopping and classic cars, check out Rot Boran Market. This market features classic cars converted into pop-up shops. Other markets like Siam Gypsy Junction offer anything and everything.

5. Dine in the Dark

Dine in the dark
Dine in the dark

They say that when one sense is taken away, the others are heightened. One Bangkok restaurant decided to take advantage of that. A meal at Dine in the Dark is a truly unique dining experience. The goal of eating completely in the dark is to heighten your sense of taste. The 4-course meal (Asian, Western, Vegetarian, or Surprise) is served by visually impaired guides. Proceeds from the meal benefit Foundation for the Blind in Thailand. After eating in the dark, you get to see what you just ate. Without question, this is a meal you will never forget.

These 5 are just a few of the many fun things to do in Bangkok. Add in a few of these unique experiences alongside your other activities, and it will be a trip to remember. If you can’t hit them all this time around, there’s always next time!

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Alicia had an opportunity to teach ESL Students in Thailand, through the help from Point to Point Education. Along the journey of her teaching jobs in Thailand, she has bettered herself in the understanding of cultural diversity and developed her love in helping others. At the present, she is traveling in Asia, and works as a part-time creative writer. Her passion at the present is to share her travel tips and experience to other fellow travelers.

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