A Guide on Getting a Vietnam Visa for Indian Nationals

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Are you planning to visit Vietnam anytime soon? Maybe you are a student planning to go there for higher studies, or a business person looking to discover business opportunities in Vietnam, or just a tourist having a wish to explore beautiful Vietnam, a country that welcomes you with open arms, into its land of rich heritage and culture.

However, to make your visit to Vietnam more memorable, and conveniently comfortable, you must understand some basic rules, regulations, principles, and essential requirements of getting a Vietnam visa for Indians.

In this article, we will explain A to Z about the process of getting a Vietnam visa for Indians that will help you get your visa process done in minutes.

Exploring the Vietnam Visa for Indians

Getting a Vietnam visa needs to abide by the rectified process of visa authorities. According to the Consulate General of India, a Vietnam visa has two types:

Regular Visa

To get a regular Vietnam visa for Indians, you need to register on the official Indian visa online website and apply for the Vietnam visa. Upon registration, fill the complete application form and take a printout. This printout needs to be submitted to the
consulate. The next step is biometric verification. The visa process then finishes by submitting the visa fees.


This Vietnam visa for Indians is valid only for 30 days and is generated in the form of a PDF document with a valid stamp. The process starts with filling an online application and submitting scanned copies of passports online. After this, one needs to submit the visa fees. Once the fee is submitted and received by the concerned authority, you would receive your ETS or electronic travel authorization on your email ID. A printout of this document is needed.
Carry this printout and valid passport for successful and comfortable Vietnam travel.

The e-visa type of Vietnam visa for Indians can be obtained for following categories-

  • e-Business visa
  • e-Medical Attendant Visa
  • e-Conference Visa
  • e-Tourist visa
  • e-Medical visa

Vietnam Visa For Indians Processing

The processing time starts the day you submit your application form to the consulate. Though the country has strict and rectified rules and guidelines for the issuance of both types of visas, the visa process for getting a Vietnam visa for Indians is as of now not that long and can be completed in around 15-30 days maximum.

So, make sure you apply and submit your application at least 40 days before your expected date of traveling.

Indian passport
Indian passport

Extra Tips for Indians Traveling to Vietnam

If you are the one waiting for your Vietnam visa for Indians and is traveling to Vietnam in the near time here are some easy to go tips:

Get Insurance

Having the right health or travel insurance can provide you with extra confidence and a sense of safety on your trip. You can consider buying Vietnam travel insurance from well-known ad reputable insurance providers such as Care Health Insurance. They are known for offering a range of diversified insurances, including health, as well as travel insurances. Besides, they are also known for their exceptional customer service and seamless buying process.

Be Ready Beforehand

Before traveling, make sure you keep all essentialities such as medicines, documents, passports, your Vietnam visa for Indians, any policy’s papers, your flight tickets, credit or debit cards etc.

For Students

If you are a student and going to Vietnam for studies, make sure you keep an extra notebook, pens, study documents, university letters, ID cards, gadgets etc. This will make sure you don’t panic about critical documents and stuff at last time.

Understand The Currency

To save yourself from ‘just-landed’ hassle, comprehend the currency conversion rules and principles. As you would be needing the local currency for paying the stamping fee at Vietnam airport, imbibing these rules beforehand would save your time and energy during the final hour.

Women conical hats
Women conical hats

Are You Ready to Travel?

Being a country of lowlands, forests, pagodas, and mesmerizing sites, Vietnam attracts tourists in moderate amounts. So, if you are one who is interested in exploring new places, Adding Vietnam to the list will be worth it. The country has some exquisite locations of natural beauty, welcoming nature, and scenic sites to explore. It has floating markets, eye-catching rice fields, and authentic and worldwide famous seafood to treat tourists. And also as now you’re familiar with the complete Vietnam visa for Indians process, you must not delay and should plan a Vietnam trip soon.

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