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With cramped buildings, cafes, an elaborate canal system, unique museums, and lovable sights, it's no wonder Amsterdam, 'The Venice of the North,' is at the top of people's wish lists. However, a visit to Amsterdam can be very expensive without elaborate planning. With the help of you can get a guide for backpacking in Amsterdam. With this guide, you'll have all the tips and tricks you need for a memorable backpacking trip to Amsterdam on a budget.

Houses by the canal in Amsterdam
Houses by the canal in Amsterdam


If you are traveling to Amsterdam on a budget and following the recommendations in this guide, your daily expenses should not exceed €50.00 - 80.00 per day. During this stay during an ongoing season, you can go on with around €130 to €150 per day for two people, including accommodation. While Amsterdam is relatively costly, it is not impossible to ensure you have a cheaper trip.

Cheap Places to Stay in Amsterdam

Hotels and Hostels

A bed dorm might cost you anywhere between €30 to €60 during the season. At the same time, a private double room at a budget hotel will charge you somewhere around €80 to €150. If you decide to travel during ff-season to cut costs, a single-bed dorm will cost you around €15 to €25, and a private double bed for €50 to €100.


It is no surprise if you decide to find a group and camp along with them. It is no surprise that the Dutch love camping. All you need to do is carry a tent along, or if you want to save energy and rent one, you can find tents up for around camping sites starting at €10 per night. There are a lot of camping spots available here so you can use public transport.


Couchsurfing is another very popular option to spend your night in Amsterdam. But, it is very difficult to find a couch to crash on. Hosts in the city, on average, receive at least 15 requests a day. And it is almost next to impossible to find a place during an ongoing season. You can try sending requests to hosts outside the city. It may increase the chances of your request being accepted.

Places to Eat

The Netherlands is not known for its exquisite cuisine, but you will like the taste of all the cheap spots to eat around the city. Right from which fries to raw herrings, there are a lot of different places where you can taste all the popular snacks Amsterdam has.

Squat Restaurants

From the '70s to the '90s, Amsterdam had many abandoned buildings. These buildings were occupied by people and especially squatters, who then set up informal restaurants to meet their daily expenses. A lot of these restaurants are still up and running today.

Places to Visit


You can see all the beautiful Dutch art and history from the middle ages till today. It is among the most visited places in all of Amsterdam.


Anne Frank's House

Annie Frank was a young Jewish girl who wrote her diary in this house during world war II.

Van Gogh Museum

This museum is dedicated to Van Gogh. You will get to experience more about life through different exhibitions of Van Gogh's letters, drawings, and Paintings.

Free Walking Tour

If you want to walk around the city of Amsterdam and learn about the history of the city, you can either go on Sandemans Amsterdam tour or a Free Walking tour.


Amsterdam is a place of beauty and Architecture. If you love going to places of architectural importance, Amsterdam is the best city for you. With these tips, you can enjoy the city to the fullest.

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