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More and more people are heading towards the comfort and convenience of private planes, which offer fewer interruptions and more privacy in their travel plans. International airports are getting busier every day, and so are people. We’ll let you in on a secret: These trending airports do not seem so busy if you are not there to catch a commercial flight. We bring you a list of airports that will make it to the top choices of people traveling the world this year. With an adjustment to your mode of travel, you can enjoy the attractions of each port without losing your flight or getting stuck in security lines. But beware — you might end up loving it too much to ever fly commercial again.

Waterfall at Singapore's Changi Airport
Waterfall at Singapore's Changi Airport

1. Changi Airport, Singapore

The Singapore airport also hosts a yearly workshop called ‘Enchanted Night at Changi Experience Studio’s Holiday Camp.’ It provides you and your kids the experience of a lifetime with arts and crafts and welcomes you for a magical sleepover. If interested, you can taste the fun at this June workshop.

2. Doha Hamad International, Qatar

Home to Oryx Airport Hotel, the airport is also thoughtful about its passengers. You can enjoy some spa time, a game of squash, or dive into an 82-foot swimming pool. There is so much to do at the airport that it can almost make anyone way too excited for the adventures of Qatar itself.

3. Narita International Airport, Japan

Narita Airport hosts many art exhibitions for people traveling to Japan. One of the best things about art is that you can tell a lot about people just by looking at what they create. You can also taste authentic delicacies at the airport, keeping the excitement of exploring a new space alive.

4. El Dorado International Airport, Colombia

The airport serves the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. One of the most pleasing features of this International Airport is its lactation booths. These are available to all lactating mothers and offer a comfortable, safe, and hygienic space to feed their babies.

5. Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

The Parisian DNA also comes across in the food, concerts, intimate music settings, and the airport's duty-free store. Charles de Gaulle Airport is a commotion of French culture, especially now that the Olympics are nearing.

Events like the G20 in India (2023) or the Paris Olympics (2024) tend to attract huge crowds. Services can often slow down, causing emotional anguish to a passenger tired from a long series of flights. So why not stand out and opt for a private jet hire? Let’s see how they can elevate your experience.

Private jet cabin
Private jet cabin

What Makes It Easy To Consider a Private Jet Charter?

On a commercial flight, you will likely sit with a stranger, but when you fly a private jet charter, you get to pick your fellow passengers in the aircraft. The latter promises you complete privacy.

Many people find it easier or ideal to work when flying. Flying in a private jet offers you amenities like onboard Wi-Fi, with enough speed to carry out essential functions like sending emails and having meetings. Commercial flights' lack of privacy and space might constrict you from executing work practices.

Space is another factor, interdependent on privacy and productivity. Usually, commercial flights have dedicated time slots for using the lavatory, and passengers are only allowed to move within the cabin's space. However, with a private plane rental, passengers can choose the aircraft size and have free reign to move around.

Both commercial and private flights provide first-class amenities to their passengers. However, the latter is more luxurious. While light beverages and pre-prepared meals are included with your tickets on a commercial flight, on a private jet charter, you can order your favorite meal with beverages of your choice. Furthermore, if it's a long-distance flight, you can stretch out on the couch — yes, private jets can be a lounge in the sky if you’re looking for such an experience.

Flight attendant on a private charter
Flight attendant on a private charter

Did We Miss Something?

This guide covers some of the incredible benefits of flying privately. However, let us know if you think we should have mentioned your favorite part of traveling in a private plane rental. It might make it onto our next list of the luxurious perks of private aviation.

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