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Travel hacks can make your trip less expensive, safer, and even more enjoyable! From getting cheaper tickets while using some online tricks to storing your batteries properly and saving energy, here are the 7 best travel hacks you should consider while traveling!


Use Private Browsing

Travel sites and airlines use cookies on your browser to alter their pricing when you are searching for tickets online. An excellent travel hack to get cheaper tickets is using your browser’s “Incognito” function.

This way, travel companies won’t have any data on you and your searches, so they won’t be able to use those techniques to make you buy more expensive tickets.

Use a VPN

One of the best traveling hacks you can employ is using a VPN service. A VPN is a virtual private network that will keep you safe from cybercriminals. It encrypts your data even when you connect to unsafe public WiFi.

This way, you can enjoy the internet safely while traveling. Apart from this, it can also be used to book cheaper rides because you can change your location with it. Every VPN allows you to change your geolocation and helps you bypass geo-restrictions.

For example, suppose you can’t access online content from your country because you are traveling to another country. In that case, you can use a VPN to trick the network into thinking that you are home or somewhere else.

Furthermore, when it comes to booking flights, using a VPN for cheaper flights can be a smart move. It allows you to exploit regional pricing differences, potentially helping you find better deals and save money on your travel expenses by comparing prices from various locations.

Consider Using Wise

One of the most frustrating issues when traveling is dealing with foreign currency. A good traveling hack to reduce your loss due to unfair or low conversation rates is to use Wise, an international financial institution, just like a bank.

With Wise, you can open up a multi-currency account, and you can hold, receive, spend, or send money in any currency with higher than median conversation rates and low taxation.

Use an AI Tour Guide

If you don’t know what to visit while traveling or you want to find out more about a place or monument, but you don’t have a guide, consider using an AI tour guide. Install Google Goggles on your phone and take some pictures.

If you photograph a famous or well-known place, the app will send you plenty of valuable and interesting information about it. This travel hack can make you look like an expert in local cuisine, customs, and traditions.

Use a Dummy Wallet

To avoid becoming a victim of pickpocketing, consider using a dummy wallet while you travel. Hide your real wallet somewhere safe and keep it close to you while leaving the dummy wallet more exposed. This way, the thieves will only focus on the dummy wallet instead of anything else.

Enjoy the Freebies

While traveling, you can get things for free as various companies look for people to test their wares and provide feedback. Do a bit of research on the place you are visiting, and you might find some things for free!

Choose a Good Planner & Follow Bloggers

According to the Eva Marie Berry lifestyle blog, you can use a daily planner to save time, relieve stress, and improve productivity while traveling. Apart from this, you should consider following some traveling bloggers to know what you should expect, do, or not do in the places you plan to visit.

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