The World’s Best Beach Parties


It is never too early to plan your vacations — especially beach parties. If you’re starting to get lonely being coup up inside the house all bundled up because of the cold, thinking of the sun, the sand and the waves can put just you in a cheery disposition. Here is a list of the world's best beach party destinations to get your feet tapping and your body shaking.

1. Super Paradise Beach


Undeniably one of the most popular beach destinations in Mykonos Greece, Super Paradise beach is always worth a visit. Just about anyone can have fun here. Whether you’re a beach baby or just someone who enjoys the occasional beach trip, Super Paradise Beach has something to offer. The beach is famously known for being once an exclusively gay beach, but now it is enjoyed by straight and gay people alike. Still, its fun and colorful vibe never went away. It’s even great for celebrity sightings because stars visit often.

2. Ibiza


Truly one of the most stunning destinations for a beach party is Ibiza. A Mecca of sorts to club-goers from around the world, Ibiza has some standout beaches and many of the world’s best clubs. For a true beach party experience head to Playa D’en Bossa and hit up either Bora Bora or Ushuaia. There’s also Cala Jondal Beach with Tropicana, and who can go past Cafe Mar in Sant Antoni de Portmany.

3. Nissi Beach


Nissi Beach is a highly recommended sandy beach in the resort of Ayia Napa, Cyprus. It is quite popular among those looking to wed in a beach setting. The beach, even if highly popular, does not violate environmental standards like other populated beaches. It is awarded a blue flag designation to indicate that it meets the Foundation for Environmental Education’s stringent standards on water quality, safety, and other environmental management criteria. Clubbers it here ever since BBC’s Radio 1 Roadshow transmitted live programs from here in 2002. Foam parties, catwalks, and other live events are usually held here.

4. Zrce Beach


Croatia offers another great beach destination, the Zrce Beach. Interestingly, this beach is perfect for an escape with friends who are adventurous at heart. Nudist parties are so usual here, clothing to this beach is optional. Parties start in the morning and can go on up until the wee hours of the morning. Friends who are up to almost 24 hours of partying can certainly check this a white-pebbled beach.

5. Benicassim Beach


One famous beach party scene is the Benicassim Festival. Benicassim beach is a small resort town situated right between Barcelona and Valencia. Year after year, music fans flock to the festival to enjoy great music from a range of different genres. The festival lasts four days, and on the last day, there is a legendary farewell beach party for those who lasted that long. The beach and the festival are both worth checking out.

6. Bačvice Beach


Bačvice beach is where you will find a number of great nightspots and is ideally located within a 10min walk from the city center. The capacity of the beach is over 10.000 people making it the ideal location for some of Europe’s biggest parties, including the Split Beach Festival. Its shoreline gradually declines into the sea providing a unique submerged dance floor.

7. White Beach


White Beach in Boracay, Philippines is not considered one of Southeast Asia’s well-kept secrets for nothing. On a fine day, beachgoers can see the waters reflect the sky’s blues. In shallow waters, tourists can even see all the way to the sand’s bottom. White Beach is truly a treasure in the Philippines worth visiting by beachgoers all over the world. Apart from the beach, the nightlife here is as amazing and worth experiencing. Fire dancers abound and tourists can have their selection of great cuisine from an impressive array of bars and restaurants.

8. Gordon Beach


Gordon Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv. Well-d and visited by both locals and tourists it is often compared to Miami for its buzzing nightlife and luxury persona. With a wide stretch of white sand and an abundance of beach tents, Gordon Beach provides the perfect spot for the Tel Aviv Pride After Party.

9. Kuta & Seminyak Beaches


Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia a popular beach destination for young partygoers. Kuta beachgoers can experience breath-taking sunsets and white powdery sand. It is also a top surfing destination since the 1970s. It comes as no surprise that backpackers often have this beach on their bucket lists. other great beaches of the world, beach parties take place here all the time, both during the day and at night. Another popular beach in Bali Indonesia is the upscale neighbor Seminyak Beach. Seminyak has a secluded and exclusive vibe compared to Kuta Beach.

10. Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia is a gem. Anyone looking to have a tropical retreat can check this beach out. other famous beaches, it has a wide array of competitive restaurants, cool guesthouses, and various lounge bars. At night, the beach can really come alive. It can get exceptionally rowdy and noisy, but this is a good thing for those who this type of scene. The beach parties can go on all night, especially during a full moon.

11. Anjuna & Palolem Beaches


India also boasts of some great beaches, two of which are the Arjuna and Palolem beaches. Arjuna is particularly popular among hippies and backpackers. It has the usual beach party scene but the dining and shopping establishments here give off the old-style Arjuna vibe. There are some trance parties being held here too. Flea markets also abound, so tourists are not confined to doing the usual water and sunbathing activities. Palolem beach is another popular beach popular among hippies who do unique activities such as the goa trance. If silent parties sound weird to you, then Palolem beach just might not be for you. But if you think that is totally rad, then start planning a trip to Palolem beach now.

12. Haad Rin Beach


Beach party in Asia? Check out Haad Rin Beach in Ko Pha Ngan. One beach party scene worth checking out is the Full Moon Party. This started way back in 1985 and has grown popular today. At the full moon party, backpackers literally parties under the brightness of the full moon. Live music playing coupled with the sounds of the waves make for a great party scene, not to mention the vibrant and lively crowd. Occasionally, there will be jump rope competitions that you can join just for fun.

13. Sentosa Island


Singapore might not be the first country to pop into mind when talking about beaches and beach parties, but Sentosa Island just might change this perception. Sentosa Island offers its own Ibiza-style party hotspots. During the day, tourists can bask in the sun while sipping their favorite drinks at night. The place has a wide array of outdoor pools and beach bars, theme parks, and fancy hotels and restaurants. Tourists do not even have to worry about what their attires will be. Everyone is free to dress the way they want as they party the night away.

14. Copacabana Beach


Copacabana Beach did not earn its title as one of the “World’s Best Party Beaches” from MSN Travels for nothing. Parties on this beach can really go on and on. Beachgoers are not only treated to the marvelous sun, waters, and sand, but they can also dance their heart out to samba beats. They can also be mesmerized by the beauty of the towering mountain of Sugar Loaf and Fort Duque while on the beach. The Army Historical Museum is located as well on this beach.

15. Buzios


With 20 beaches to choose from, Buzios is a great beach party destination. The vibe is mixed, laid-back and sophisticated in one. Búzios is widely known for its sexually open atmosphere. In Brazil, there is a saying, that “no one goes home alone when partying at Buzios”. Bars and restaurants stay pretty much empty until something around 10pm and clubs normally only open after midnight but expect to party until the sun comes up.

16. Montanita


Montanita, Ecuador is a surfing hotspot that features the country’s liveliest attractions and colorful characters. The waves here are gigantic and strong, designed to make surfers salivate. But it is not only surfers who gravitate here, anyone who is up to fun and adventure want a slice of Montanita. Partying does not stop until the wee hours of the morning. One unique aspect of this place is that is named “Little Amsterdam.” This is because it is highly tolerant of marijuana use and other activities included illegal in other countries. There is a popular Full Moon Party worth checking out too.

17. South Beach


South Beach Miami is one fine beach. It is also an utmost fun beach destination. The nightlife is positively glittering — so alive and quirky. No wonder gays and fun-loving people flock here. The beach features a historic Art Deco architecture that everyone will just love. There is even a park for fishing, tennis, and bicycling activities, Haur Park. There is also no shortage of open-air clubs and bars.

18. Cancun


The grand coast of Cancun, known for top all-inclusive resorts, offers all the elements of a magnificent beach perfect for beach parties, whether day or night. It has an almost year-round warm weather that makes you want to bo that plane here and now, with how winter is treating us. Naturally, it also features crystal-clear blue waters and white sands. This place goes off during Spring Break so if you are wanting to party hard, be sure to bo early. Guests can even enjoy glow-in-the-dark and bubble parties on this side of Mexico – events no one truly resist.

19. Bondi Beach


One of the biggest attractions in Sydney, Australia is the golden sands and turquoise waters of Bondi Beach. Guests here can do just about anything they desire: go surfing, whale watching, and even go check out their artisanal products in various shops. The number of specialist bars and breweries has been increasing for years, so everyone can find something to enjoy here even if they are not too keen on swimming. Night parties are totally rad on Bondi beach too but it is New Year’s Day and Christmas when Bondi goes off.

20. Kendwa


Kendwa is an increasingly popular beach destination in Africa. Through the years, little guest houses have started to emerge to signify the growing number of vacationers who found the beach to their liking. A stretch of coast located to the northwest of Zanzibar Island off the coast of Tanzania, Kendwa is less tidal compared to other beaches. This makes it perfect for swimming. Stunning sunsets can be witnessed here every day. The beach bar at Kendwa Rocks also features full moon parties that have backpackers and tourists raving.

We are sure there are a hundred more kick-ass beach party destinations to be found and we’d love to hear from you. Which beaches have you been to where the party never ends? Tell us in the comments below.

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