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Many on the east coast dream about the long journey to the other side of the country where they can settle down and begin a new life. Consider yourself in those shoes? Or are you a west coaster thinking about relocating to a city not too far from what you already know? If either of these sound like you, here’s a few great places to live along the west coast.

Portland, Oregon

Here’s another affordable option on the west coast that offers a unique charm unlike what you’ll find anywhere else. Spend a little time in the city and you’ll be quick to see “Keep Portland Weird” plastered somewhere, be it as a bumper sticker, or painted onto the side of a building. Spend a little more time in Portland, and it won’t be long before you see they’re saying it. It’s a saying that means Portland is a perfect place for those looking to live a more atypical lifestyle, or even those looking to be around folks who do. If the idea of weirdness isn’t for you, all residents still consider Portland as a great place for anyone to live thanks to its strong economy, as a home to many corporate headquarters, including both Nike and Adidas.

With and without its self-proclaimed weirdness, the cultural downtown offers endless amenities for local residents to enjoy, from breweries, museums, and even multiple professional sports teams so you’ll be able to enjoy a great game no matter what sport is your favorite.


Oakland, California

Only across the bay from San Francisco, and at around half the population, this comparatively smaller city still can offer an amazing quality of life for its residents. As a first plus, Oakland is a warmer city than its foggy neighbor so you can expect to have sunnier days on average.

Once you’re at the point when you’ll be looking at Oakland Houses for Sale, you’ll be happy to know the cost of living is 25% cheaper than San Francisco and that means the house of your dreams will be all the more in reach compared to elsewhere in the state.

For the hikers among us, don’t think you’d have to drive far to hike in the Redwoods. There are 2 different parks to choose from, Oakland Redwood Regional Park and Joaquin Miller Park, both offer numerous trails to discover without having to travel far from downtown Oakland.


Thousand Oaks, California

Whether you are moving and looking to attend college when you settle in, or your child’s education is a major priority when considering where you move to, Thousand Oaks might be a great option for you. There’s amazing educational opportunities there, such as California Lutheran University and La Reina High School respectively.

Given a great safe place to raise a family on the top of most people’s lists, it’s hard to beat Thousand Oaks when considering it’s crime rate is close to 50% lower than the national average. Mix both of those benefits together with an amazing dining scene and it’ll be hard to beat when looking at a place to be comfortable with your family.

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