Oktoberfest - Germany's Biggest Piss-Up

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Almost seven million people, in seventeen days, will drink seven million liters of beer. We are talking about the world’s largest festival – funfair, volksfest, piss-up, whatever you would like to call it – held annually in Munich, Germany… and what’s it called? (everybody now) Oktoberfest!

The sheer size and scale of such an event is unfathomable and must be seen and experienced for one to truly comprehend its grandiose. Various brewing families from within the city limits of Munich (that conform to the German beer purity law) serve their first-class beers in uniquely themed and decorated halls. There are fourteen large and twenty-one small beer halls, so you will always find somewhere to wet your whistle – and we are not talking a couple of blue tarp gazeboes strung up to shelter overturned milk crates, we are talking gigantic, warehouse-like venues – the largest holding up to ten thousand drunken humans!

The beer worshipping festival began in 1810 as a result of a royal wedding and continues to be held from late September to early October every year. People from all over the world join the Bavarians in their celebrations by donning dirndls and lederhosen, drinking liters of amber gold, singing German ballads and yelling “Prost!” before every sip.

Book your Oktoberfest adventure with Stoke Travel and soon enough you will be covered in beer and having as much fun as these guys below.

Stay with Stoke and you will sleep comfortably in a pre-erected twin-share tent, complete with an air mattress (fit for kings) and sleeping bag, all set up for your arrival. You will be fed a hearty breakfast and dinner at the campsite.

Oktoberfest crowd
Travel daily from the Stoke campsite to the hustle and bustle of the world’s biggest party.
Oktoberfest 1
This guy is a little overwhelmed, and he’s only at the entrance…
Bavarian Lass
Bavarian Lass!
Oktoberfest 2
Neuschwanstein Castle
Take a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle before an evening in the beer halls
Traditional lederhosen
What a dashing group of Stokies! You can pick up your traditional outfits at the Stoke Guru Tent
Beer hall
Meet locals and internationals alike. Everyone is your best friend in the beer halls
Drinking at Oktoberfest
Drinking at Oktoberfest. Prost!
Sharing a bite to eat
The beer halls provide delectable goodies to eat as well as drink
Raise your Stein
Raise your stein!
Drink with the best
Drink with the best of them in the halls, but remember to book if you have your heart set on getting a table.
Beer poured on head
Spend your time – and money – wisely, just like this guy
Beer pong
Play beer pong at the Stoke campsite to get ready for the halls – or to keep the party going afterwards – saves you money too.
Drunk asleep
A little too much enthusiasm from this reveler, perhaps?
Fun times at Oktoberfest
Be a part of it!

Did these photos excite you as much as they did us? It’s your lucky day, there’s still time to join in! Book your Oktoberfest adventure with Stoke Travel and join the action.

Stay with Stoke and you will sleep comfortably in a pre-erected twin-share tent, complete with an air mattress (fit for kings) and sleeping bag, all set up for your arrival. You will be fed a hearty breakfast and dinner at the campsite and Backpacker Travel has hooked you up with UNLIMITED SANGRIA AND BEER during your stay, and we all know that’s a pretty bangin’ deal! It’s usually €10 a day but you get it FREE when you book with the promo code BACKPACKER.


You will be surrounded by the craziest fun-loving folk that will guarantee you an unforgettable STOKETOBERFEST experience – so what are you waiting for?

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One comment on “Oktoberfest - Germany's Biggest Piss-Up”

  1. Great article Hollie. I have heard the German Oktoberfest is a pretty big event, but had no idea it was on this scale. Great photos that might reflect what I might expect, if I were to go to Germany to take in the festivities. I am not a big bear drinker, don't know if I could keep up...LOL.. Also noticed that the pretty Bavarian lass was also in the final picture! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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