Top 3 Places to Visit on a Last-Minute Trip in Southern England

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When visiting England and the UK in general, there is so much to experience. There is a whole lot going on in England despite it being a small place. This is an advantage in many ways as it means visitors can enjoy their short break in the UK without much travel time.

Whether you decide to come to England from overseas or plan a UK staycation; there will be somewhere that ticks all the boxes when visiting. With unrivaled countryside, great nightlife, award-winning restaurants, and city escapes; England is the place to enjoy a staycation or a longer vacation. No matter the type of break or vacation you’re looking for, England has it in abundance. Whether that’s a last-minute hotel deal in the Lake District, a city escape in London, or a spa weekend in Bath. Short breaks in the UK don’t need to cost the world either.

There are plenty of ways to experience the best last-minute UK staycation without breaking the bank. You can get various hotel deals in the UK from an OTA (online travel agent). They usually get offers from hotels during the quieter months but guests can also get bargains during the busier periods. Moreover, hotel deals can cover dinner and breakfast as well as possible freebies such as prosecco on arrival. Even spa discounts and free upgrades.

With that covered let’s find out the places to visit in England for a last-minute break:

Enjoy staycations in Bristol

Bristol might not be the first destination you think of for a late UK break. It is an underestimated place to visit. It’s a unique city and offers visitors a lot. When looking for late hotel deals guests cannot go wrong with Bristol. From the second you visit here you will feel the warmth and welcoming vibe of the locals. Experiencing attractions here is a must-do activity. With the historic SS Great Britain, the stand-out aquarium and the famous street art dotted around; from Banksy as well.

Bristol is a foodie’s paradise too. Grab a late lunch tapas at the Olive Shed overlooking the gorgeous harbor. Experience the real Bristol with the street food on offer at St Nick’s marketplace. Bristol is also a place to come enjoy festival after festival with the likes of Harbour Fest and the ever-popular Balloon Fiesta. Visiting Bristol could be part of a wider South Coast England staycation.

Bristol view
Bristol view

Last-minute weekend breaks in Bath

When experiencing the south of England, you can’t beat visiting Bath. It’s one of the most picturesque destinations in the region. Many come here for one reason; the Roman Baths. The Roman Baths enable visitors to learn about the history of the city. Another experience for people on a last-minute staycation is the Thermae Bath Spa. Thermae offers a real mix of traditional spa and modern spa facilities. It’s the only spa to use natural thermal spring water. The architecture of Bath is really astounding. At every turn, you will see the Georgian buildings neatly next to each other. A must-visit is to the amazing Royal Crescent where this building style is on display. We recommend staying at the outstanding Royal Crescent Hotel that’s situated here for the ultimate last-minute hotel break. Walking around Bath is just a joy in itself. You can even come here for the day as part of your wider UK hotel break.

Become a culture vulture while in Bath. It has so many great museums and galleries to wander around and get lost in. Some are free so for those travelers on a budget, this could be your gig. Suggestions include the Fashion Museum and the Victoria Art Museum. The Jane Austen Centre is a must-visit for bookworms and those interested in one of the UK’s biggest authors. The center brings to life the story of Jane’s life in Bath in the early 1800s through exhibits and real-life costumed characters. Short breaks in Bath should be considered this year.

Roman baths
Roman baths

Explore Brighton this year

Weekends in Brighton are popular for many. Brighton has a romance about it. Whether you come here for a weekend with your partner, a few days away with the family or looking to find yourself with friends; this city has it. Brighton hotels offer something for every visitor. Lavish 5-star accommodations to more cost-effective residences. Brighton gives off the vibe of spontaneous adventure at every turn. It’s one of those places where visitors can have loose plans on what to do. The markets, graffiti art and street entertainers can keep you busy for hours on end.

Brighton is full of adventure. Around every corner. There are so many great places to eat here. Explore The Lanes (the famous cobbled streets in Brighton) and you’ll find countless family-run places to dine the day and night away. English’s of Brighton is the city’s oldest restaurant and it has the best fish and chips. Food For Friends is another favorite, probably the best vegetarian place in Brighton. There are other amazing vegan restaurants such as Terre a Terre and 64 Degrees is the one for the fine dining experience. The Lanes are a great place to absorb the culture of the city and what it stands for.

Venture further to the Brighton Pier where you would expect is an assortment of rides, arcades and ice cream parlors. It keeps its history without it being tacky.

Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier

Short breaks in South England

These are just some of the amazing places to experience when visiting the South of England. Of course, there is London, Kent and a few others we didn’t mention but Brighton, Bath and Bristol have a certain mysticism and draw to them. Lots of history, culture and everything else you could want when looking for a weekend in the UK. So before jetting off abroad think about exploring this part of beautiful England and make memories that last.

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