Are You a Tripper?

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Ok, so the title might have been a little deceiving but let’s find out if you fit the bill.

We’ve all had that experience of feeling like the complete outsider in a new city. Wandering from one tourist trap to another, you end up spending more time in line or at the gift shop than exploring the area. As you trudge between guidebook recommendations, you often get a surface-level view of your destination but never really get to dive into the local culture.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could step off the beaten tourist track and meet locals who are willing to take you around their cities, show you all the best spots, and share stories about their culture, traditions, and lives?

Well, now you can. There’s a new hospitality network called Tripping, where travelers like you can connect with local people. Members live in over 90 countries and they use Tripping to share travel tips, meet over cups of coffee and even open their homes to each other.

Italian Trippers
Italian Trippers

Not looking to go traveling anytime soon? No problem- as a local host, you can stay home and still feel like you are away. You might end up playing drinking games with some Australians, perhaps learn how to make Tom Yom Kung from some Thai travelers, or brush up on your French with a Parisian family. In an instant, your life will become more fun, more colorful and – best of all – you’ll have new friends to visit all around the world.

It’s a pretty simple process of registering your details on their website and you can choose whether you would like to host someone or not. Not a bad idea to just scroll through the community of trippers who are already using the service to read their comments and feedback.

Oh and by the way, Tripping is totally free. The founders believe that cultural exchange makes the world a better place and they’re committed to making Tripping the safest and best hospitality network on the planet.

So the question begs – Are you a Tripper?

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