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Travel can be one of the most amazing experiences in life, but packing and keeping all things in order throughout the trip can be very challenging. I always try to pack my things neatly before every trip, but after only a couple of days, everything turns into a complete mess.

I have to rifle through my bag to get something every single time and this process can be so frustrating. Having the proper gear can help you get rid of this unhappy scenario and using packing cubes may be the solution.

Idesort Packing Cubes
Idesort Packing Cubes

The Idesort Packing Cubes are luggage organizers available in several colors and are functionally every bit good. They are ultra-light, durable, zip smoothly when overstuffed, and open all the way, making packing & unpacking a breeze.

The set offers 8 cubes in 4 sizes (large, medium, small and slim) and 2 colors with a label on different packing cubes to help you keep things separate and easily identifiable. These different-sized cubes are great options for all circumstances and are perfect for suitcases and backpacks. I tried to squeeze in more and was pleasantly surprised about the mesh top’s elasticity.  Plus its durable nylon fabric and solid easy-pull zippers make it possible to stuff them full without worrying about breakage.  The large mesh panel allows for clear visibility without unpacking the travel bags to locate what you need.

These packing cubes are helpful not just for travel but also for closet organization or other space-saving purposes at the office or home.

Idesort Packing cubes handle
Idesort Packing cubes handle

Wrinkle-Free Luggage Organizer System

I also got a 5 set of travel packing cubes with a garment folder. The 17″ garment folder is perfect for business trips as it keeps your formal shirts and dresses nice and wrinkle-free. A plastic plate with folding tips printed on it is included inside and a secret pocket where you can put your tie, handkerchief, and other kinds of travel stuff. It’s very convenient to use and can hold a lot of luggage as well.

Garment Folder
Garment folder

Technical Specifications


Rip-stop Nylon


Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Rose


Large: 17.3″x 12.5″x 4.5″
Medium: 14.9″x 10.6″x 3.9″
Small: 12.9″x 8.6″x 2.95″
Slim: 11″x 6.7″x 3.9″
Garment Folder: 17″

Filled Idesort Packing cubes
Filled Idesort Packing cubes


  • More Packing Choices – 8 Luggage organizers in different sizes and colors with labels on different Packing cubes
  • Durable ultra-light rip-stop nylon fabric with easy-carry handles 
  • 2-way easy-pull zippers that zip smoothly even when overstuffed
  • A breathable mesh top makes it easy to quickly locate your items and keep your clothes stay fresh & odor-free
  • Garment folder – keeps your formal shirts and dresses nice and wrinkle-free. With the useful carry handle.
  • Lifetime Warranty
Idesort Packing Cubes Zipper
Idesort Packing Cubes Zipper

What Could be Improved?

The only drawback would be the thin sides that can’t stand up on their own, which makes them slightly difficult to pack. It’s nice that these packing cubes are water-resistant, however, there is a mesh screen so they are not entirely waterproof.

Final Say

Overall, the Idesort Packing cubes do deliver their promise of affordability, durability, and functionality. They are a great solution for messy packers like myself. Not only do they help you pack and unpack your luggage neatly, they also help you fit more things, making life so much easier. A definitely must-have travel accessory. 

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