From Andalusia to the Atlas: A Journey Through Southern Spain and Northern Morocco

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Whoever thinks of Spain and Morocco can easily realize they are different nations. However, there are certain cultural elements they have in common that make them two destinations that can be visited one after the other to enjoy a complementary, yet unique cultural, scenic, and culinary experience.

If you are already in Andalusia, and think there are many more things to see, we recommend you go a little further. Morocco is just a short distance away and on a ferry, you can be in a very short time visiting a unique and interesting country. For this reason, we have created for you a complete guide to tourism that includes the places you can not miss in the south of Spain and the north of Morocco.

Take a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier

If you want to make a summer trip like no other, we recommend that you take a complete tour of Andalusia, and when you finish you go to Morocco. Although this trip may seem too long, in reality, it is not, because you can go on a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier. With this ferry, you can be in Morocco in just 1 hour to enjoy a new culture and customs. 

Although it may vary, the price of this ferry is usually around 40 euros each way round trip. An excellent thing is that during the day there are several departures. You can leave very early in the morning and be back in Spain, if you wish, on the same day after visiting some of the most iconic sites in northern Morocco.

Ceuta Jet - Tarifa Tangier Route
Ceuta Jet - Tarifa Tangier Route

Discover Andalusia

The whole of Andalusia is a true wonder. This place has the most beautiful and magical places you can imagine. Andalusia is full of monuments, architecture, and emblematic beaches. That is why we will leave you some places you can not miss.

Real Alcázar of Seville

If you are making a complete tour of Andalusia, one of the first places you should visit is the Real Alcazar of Seville. This has received the classification of World Heritage Site and is also the oldest royal palace that exists in Europe. It is undoubtedly an architectural jewel and an example of the architecture of the time.  


If you are looking for beautiful monuments, La Alhambra is just what you need to see. It is one of the most beautiful in the region and stands as one of Andalusia's best-kept treasures. You can stroll through the courtyards, connect with the Nasrid art and of course, soak in the Andalusian culture and life.

Doñana National Park

In 1980, the Doñana National Park was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is one of the most important natural sites in the world because you will find a variety of flora and fauna that you can find in very few places. This park serves as a refuge for thousands of species, and the landscapes are magnificent.


This could be without problem the end of your trip through Andalusia. Remember that in Tarifa you can take the ferry to Tangier, but first you can't miss Bolonia. This is one of the great jewels of Cadiz because it gives you an earthly experience close to paradise.

The beach and the magic you feel in every wave in Bolonia are fantastic. There is a lot to see there, and we recommend you to take your time to enjoy it and enjoy everything. And if you go in summer, you will have to have some patience, because the beach gets very crowded.

Now, what you can never fail to do is to take a dip in its crystal clear waters to recover your energy, because this is the most precious jewel of Andalusia. 

Enjoying the ferry crossing
Enjoying the ferry crossing

Discover Morocco

For years, people have been talking about the culture of Morocco. This is a very varied territory, as you can ski, go sightseeing in the mountains, go to the beach and almost anything you want. That is why it is one of the most striking destinations you can visit, and here we will tell you which places you can not miss on your vacation.


Chaouen is a town that is known in different ways. The most common is “The Blue Village” but it is also referred to as “The Pearl of the North” and the truth is that it is an excellent name. This is one of the magical villages of Morocco that you can not miss. The whole place is full of white and blue houses that give an unparalleled beauty to the site.

If you are an architecture lover, you can't miss this place. Every inch of the structures of the houses is a mixture of culture and tradition that you will love, so it is the first thing you should visit.


If you' have no problem're able to travel a little further, you can go to Asilah, which is a fairly small town located between Tangier and Rabat. The interesting thing about this place is that it has an important Portuguese influence that can be seen in its architecture and culture.

In addition, it is the perfect place to go in summer, because the weather is great, and although it is very crowded, it is manageable. The best thing is that you will also be able to taste a bit of Asilah's tradition, as its dishes made with fried fish are unmistakable and unmissable during your visit.


If you have no issue getting a little further afield and heading up into the Middle Atlas Mountains, you're sure to love Ifrane, or “The Moroccan Switzerland”. In Morocco, you can usually expect intense heat, relentless sunshine and wonderful summer weather. And although there are many places for that, there is also Ifrane which is a place that is located at 1713 meters above sea level and is known as the little Switzerland.

An excellent thing is that you can visit Ifrane both in summer and winter. Throughout the year, you can do different fun activities, including excursions that will show you around or allow you to go skiing.

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