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Located in the southeast area and region of New South Wales, Jindabyne is a renowned mountainous town along the shores of the mesmerizing Lake Jindabyne. The place lies at the edge or bottom of the Snowy Mountains, offering tourists and visitors a picturesque view and scene.

Jindabyne proves a suitable location for travel in both summer and winter owing to the numerous activities and sports in which tourists can engage and participate. It entails skiing, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and other fun pursuits. In this article, let’s discuss the various appealing and exciting things a traveler can do in Jindabyne.

Winter Activities

Winter activities
Winter activities

Snow activities

The Snowy Mountains of Jindabyne provide the perfect place to enjoy various snow activities. The season for enjoyment commences in June and continues till October. The time between July to September proves the peak period for snow lovers.

During winter, Jindabyne becomes a bustling spot for all snow activities. Firstly, the place offers the sports of snowboarding and skiing. The location houses four popular ski resorts. They are namely Perisher, Selwyn, Thredbo, and Charlotte’s Pass.

They are effortlessly accessible from the mountainous town via various means. In addition to that, the resorts remain open for almost all age groups. Interested individuals can try skiing and snowboarding on different expertise levels, the easiest being a trail for beginners.

Besides that, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are fun ways of getting off the mountain slopes. Numerous trails from Perisher and Thredbo exist for this purpose. They lead the participants into natural isolation and the wilderness, where they can tour the Kosciuszko National Park.

On top of that, Jindabyne offers mesmerizing backcountry tours. Travelers can enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery and landscape at specific places such as Watsons Crags, Sentinal, and Schlink Pass. The view of the snow-covered areas can leave people impressed and captivated.

Summer Activities to Do in Jindabyne

Summer activities
Summer activities

1. Water Sports

Jindabyne remains highly reputed for the numerous water sports it offers to people of varying age groups. The town becomes exceptionally lively in summer, opening events and summer activities for all.

Travelers can avail of and participate in a broad range and category of activities in Lake Jindabyne. A few sports are available there including power boating, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, and swimming.

People can bring their equipment or rent them at a fixed rate to enjoy the activities. Generally, all water sports in Jindabyne ensue under controlled and supervised conditions to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the participants.

2. Hiking

Jindabyne offers numerous hiking trails for people of all age groups. Generally, the tracks can get considered from a difficulty grade of 1 to 5. The former requires no hiking or bushwalking experience whatsoever, thanks to the plain trails that offer no arduousness in walking.

In addition, such paths are suitable for people who use wheelchairs. On the other hand, the grade 5 tracks are for experienced hikers having specialized emergency first aid and navigation skills.

Irrespective of the difficulty, everyone can enjoy hiking in Jindabyne. They can also appreciate the mesmerizing scenic beauty while partaking in the fun activity.

3. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an exceedingly popular sport of Jindabyne, primarily in spring and autumn, owing to its top-class trails. The area has more than 70km worth of bike tracks that offer their due share to each difficulty level. The biking trails cater to diverse skill levels irrespective of a person’s expertise in the activity.

The most famous biking trail in Jindabyne is the Thredbo Diggings Full Loop. It is 9.66 km long, offering a suitable track for intermediates and beginners. On the other hand, the 767 m trail of She’ll Be Apples is highly challenging and appropriate solely for experts.

4. Fishing

Lake Jindabyne is renowned for its pristine snow-fed waters. The Thredbo, Eucumbene, and Snowy Rivers offer popular tourist spots for the exhilarating sport of fishing. Lake Jindabyne provides year-round excitement and a chance to win a trophy catch in its peak season, irrespective of the participant’s fishing expertise.

In winter, the fish stay close to the water’s edges as it remains cool. Hence, the people do not cast far despite the chosen fishing method. However, trolling is preferred in summer because the fishes prefer cooler and darker waters. It is when the skill level of the participants comes to light.

Where to Eat in Jindabyne

Where to eat in Jindabyne
Where to eat in Jindabyne

1. Snowy Mountain Cookies

As the name suggests, Snowy Mountain Cookies is an exceedingly reputed dessert shop in Jindabyne, specializing in making delicious cookies and sweet food items. The store is an expert in baking top-quality and delectable gourmet foods that people of varying ages can enjoy. It is especially famous for the excellent taste of its desserts. They can leave locals and tourists wanting more.

Snowy Mountain Cookies is famous for its health-friendly products. They do not add artificial flavors, additives, or colors to their food items. On top of that, they make preservative-free products. The store uses solely natural and quality ingredients.

2. Cafe Darya

Café Darya is an authentic Persian restaurant, operating for over 20 years in Jindabyne. The store presents a distinctive eating experience for people who have not tried the dishes before. The restaurant allows tourists to indulge in a warm ambiance and exotic flavors after a long day of touring.

Café Darya offers numerous traditional and delectable Persian dishes, each retaining its rich history and culture. The store uses various spices and ingredients to bring out the rich taste of the food items. On top of that, the store workers cater to the customers’ needs, leaving them with a pleasant experience.

Where to stay in Jindabyne

Alpine Country Holidays
Alpine Country Holidays

Alpine Country Holidays

Alpine Country Holidays is a renowned accommodation in Jindabyne. The family business has been operating for over 12 years, providing guests with more than a bed and roof. Instead, the lodging wishes to offer a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Alpine Country Holidays offers customers complimentary breakfast and parking services. In addition, the accommodation has a spa center where the patrons can relax. The rooms are of top quality with all requirements present in them. Besides that, Alpine Country Holidays provides excellent room service. On top of that, they have a customer-friendly staff who are ready to help at any time.

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