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When talking about size, Russia has the largest land area of all countries. It stretches from Northern Europe to the far east of Asia. It borders 14 countries such as Finland and Ukraine in the west, and Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China in the south. That makes for a magnificent mix of different cultures and traditions with Russia itself being a combination of all of them.

No other country has an opportunity to cover such a big area on the planet, and it means Russia has something really special. The large territory inevitably results in a wide range of interesting locations within the country.

This is why Russia is one of the top travel destinations travelers want to visit. It is definitely a remarkable experience so millions of visitors arrive at the destination on a yearly basis. For many people, this means you’ll need to get a visa to enter Russia which can sometimes prove a little tricky, depending on which passport you’ll be traveling on. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out to obtain your Russian travel visa.


Moscow is the capital city, and it is usually a top location for tourists from abroad. No one wants to avoid walking over the Red Square or visiting Grand Kremlin Palace because it provides a magical and unforgettable experience you will talk about to your friends and family members.

But it is just the beginning when it comes to interesting destinations in Russia. While Moscow possesses dozens of interesting places, you’ll also want to travel outside the city area as well.

St Basils Cathedral
St Basil's Cathedral

St Petersburg

St Petersburg is another hotspot for visitors, It’s an incredibly attractive city with beautiful architecture and plenty of history and culture. That’s why it is also one of the top travel destinations in Russia as well as in the world. Palace Square, Peter and Paul Fortress, State Hermitage Museum, and Peterhof Palace are some of the places that attract the attention of millions of visitors. The unique style, architecture, and design of the buildings and surrounding areas usually leave all visitors breathless so it is certainly a traveling experience they will not forget. Those have a great historical value too and were built many years ago.

St Petersburg
St Petersburg

Natural Tourist Attractions

As you can imagine, in a country that spans over 5,600 miles (9,000 kilometers), there are a lot of naturally made attractions. In fact, two of the world’s largest lakes can be found within or bordering Russia. These include the Caspian Sea as well as Baikal Lake. The two have larger territories than many seas despite the fact they do not have saltwater. The Caspian Sea is definitely more comfortable for swimming because it is placed in the south of the country. Baikal Lake is further north so the climate can be quite harsh at some periods (see image below). However, the water and beaches are cleaner than those on the Caspian Sea so it is definitely nice to spend a day there. You can also take a cruise or do many other water activities at both destinations. The lakes are really large so they have a lot to offer and provide to visitors.

But it is always just a beginning while talking about Russian attractions because there is regularly much more to say when it comes to unique and beautiful destinations in the country.

Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal

If you, for example, prefer a luxurious environment, cool beaches, and warm sea, you would definitely go to Sochi. That city has a lot of locations of those kinds so it is something you should not avoid.

However, in case you prefer mountain tourism, you can visit the Ural mountains. The tops and hills in that area are definitely great, and they provide a unique sight to the surrounding regions.

Siberia is an excellent destination for all those who want to experience an extreme climate and location. You will hardly find such a cold territory anywhere else in the world, except for Antarctica, and that’s why it is an unforgettable adventure.

Still, if you are going to such a location, it is necessary to be well prepared for the trip. The extreme conditions are usually life-threatening so it is definitely not like an excursion somewhere around your hometown. Mistakes might cost you a lot so having a proper plan is very important. There are, however, experienced travel agencies that make such trips far easier so you can contact some of those for additional help.

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