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Greece is one of the most visited countries in Europe, which isn’t surprising when you consider the diversity of the landscape, the warm and pleasant climate, and its rich history. Whether you are seeking a relaxing winter break on a sun-soaked beach or want to take a tour of some incredible archaeological sites, there is plenty to see and do in Greece. Here are just three of the most unmissable spots in Greece.

1. Kefalonia

The Ionian island chain is one of the most glorious parts of Greece to visit, and while Zakynthos is often seen as more of a party island, Kefalonia is larger and filled with history from ancient times to its occupation during the second world war.


You may recognise the beautiful golden beaches from the famous film, ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’, and you won’t want to miss out on taking some pictures of the deep, glittering blue sea, unique in all the world.

The village of Assos is picturesque and also perfect for photo opportunities, while you can enjoy a magical boat ride around the underground Melissani Cave. Whether you want to eat a calm breakfast overlooking the Port of Sami or try to spot turtles in the Bay of Argostoli, you will be spoiled for choice.

2. Athens

Not every trip to Greece will involve heading to Athens, but you should try to tick this wonder off your bucket list with at least one trip. With ancient buildings coexisting with the hustle and bustle of a modern cityscape, the mixture of traditional and fresh activities and sights to see are truly a wonder, even before you visit the iconic Acropolis.


Of course, you need to visit the stunning attraction, and the incredible Parthenon, but you should also make time to visit some of the many art galleries and museums that dot the city, and simply wander down the gorgeous cobbled streets in the sunshine. Between outdoor theatres and gorgeous street food such as souvlaki, there is plenty to satisfy any enthusiastic traveler.

3. Santorini

Another of the most idyllic islands in Greece, Santorini is the gem of the Aegean Sea – popular with honeymooners and those seeking a picture-perfect break, the whitewashed houses capped with blue are even more lovely in person. This is a wonderful place to visit if you want to enjoy swimming and indulging in delicious local food, like Greek lamb and exquisite Saganaki – fried cheese covered with filo pastry and smothered in luxurious honey. Even aside from soaking in the peace and wonder of Santorini, the island is great for walkers, who can discover nature while hiking from Fira to Oia, and history lovers can find out more about the ancient story of Santorini in the Museum of Prehistoric Thira.


Wherever you plan to base yourself on your Greek holiday, take time out to visit one of these stunning locations. You may wish to relax on a beautiful island like the ones featured in so many films or discover more about the culture of Ancient Greece. Each place has its own magic, so don’t miss out.

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