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According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons are the busiest long-distance travel periods of the year. The number of long-distance trips increases by up to 54% during that period compared to the rest of the year. Traveling during peak season may be cumbersome but the following tips can make managing your holiday accommodation simpler:

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Book in Advance

Holiday prices are more expensive but you can still get better deals the further in advance you book your tickets. Aim for 60 days in advance with accommodations and flights to take advantage of the cheapest rates.

Booking online could save you time and money. Booking your holiday accommodations online allow for the security of familiarizing yourself with the accommodations prior to arrival and bookings can be guaranteed immediately. Always remember to review the cancellation policy before you book.

Compare and Contrast

You don’t have to rely on just one site when searching online for holiday travel deals. Shopping around will help you find the best deal. Sign up for newsletters from airlines you use frequently and the airlines servicing your potential travel destinations. If you do this well enough in advance, you may be able to take advantage of some of the annual deals that they offer. Many online travel agencies offer loyalty benefits for members including cheaper flights, tours, rental cars, and accommodation packages.

Read Travel Reviews

Getting a first-hand account of the accommodations, availability of the amenities, and all of the other intricacies of your potential travel destination before you leave home could make your trip safe and satisfying.

Maybe your potential travel destination is for adults only and you’re traveling with family? Reading customer reviews about your accommodations will make you more prepared for your holiday trip.

Consider Alternative Accommodations

Getting creative about where you’ll spend your next holiday season could save you money, enhance your travel experience, and offer you access to more than your traditional holiday experience.

Homestay or Hospitality Experience

A hospitality experience affords holiday travelers the opportunity to stay with a local in the area that they’re traveling to. Often, these locals were once fellow travelers and enjoy housing other passengers on their journeys. These locals share their customs and traditions, give tours, and are a resource for your visit. Homestays can help you meet new people, save money, and see
new places.

Corporate Housing

Usually, it was business travelers who took advantage of all that corporate housing has to offer but it is becoming increasingly common for holiday travelers to do so. Traveling experts agree that corporate housing offers the convenience of a fully furnished apartment or suite that includes a full kitchen, all major appliances, and all utilities. Click here and learn more about corporate housing and how it could take your next holiday trip to the next level.


Housesitting during the holidays means that you’ll be staying in someone else’s home while they’re away under the agreement that you’ll fulfill responsibilities in the home. Taking care of pets, or performing some simple maintenance duties around the home could get you access to vacation housing free. No matter which option you choose, booking early, doing research, and being creative could make your next holiday more enjoyable.

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