Why Traveling Needn’t Break the Bank for You in 2023

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Some people have wanderlust, though. For these individuals, staying put for months or years represents a real challenge.

In 2023, you might feel like you’ve reached a travel year. Maybe you’ve received the vaccine and a booster shot. You think you’d like to check out some off-the-beaten-path destinations in New York City, or perhaps you feel like Rome or Paris sound even better.

What if you don’t have very much money at the moment, though? Can you still scratch that itch? You can, and we’ll explain how right now.

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Stay in a Hostel

You might save some money when you travel if you stay at some hostels. If you visit a large city, you’ll likely find some. They’re not that expensive, at least not when you check out the price and then look at a high-end hotel’s price per night.

Some hostels don’t have the best reputation, so make sure you carefully research each one before you stay there. You probably don’t mind meeting some odd people there, but you don’t want a bed with rats, roaches, or bedbugs sharing it.

Travel During Non-Peak Times

You can also often save money when you travel during non-peak times. If you’re catching a flight, you might take one on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Those flights almost always cost less. Ones on the weekend usually cost more.

You can also see when most tourists visit the city or country you’ve targeted. In some countries, you can save cash when you visit during the off-season.

At that point, you can save money on hotels, motels, or resort stays. You might save hundreds or even thousands.

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Take Less Popular Transportation Methods

If you don’t mind longer trips, you might also use the Greyhound or similar methods while traveling. If you look around the country, you’ll often find bus routes you can take that will help you reach a popular tourist destination, but you won’t pay what you would if you flew.

If you can’t find a bus, then you might take a train as well. Some trains aren’t exactly cheap, but the prices still usually beat flying. Flying gets you there faster but almost always hits your wallet harder too.

You Can Catch a Ride via a Rideshare

You might also look at some websites that advertise ridesharing. Many times, if you have a driver’s license, you can drive part way there, and the other person or people can handle some driving tasks as well. They may also want a little gas money, but you can usually reach a destination and pay much less than you otherwise would.

If you use these techniques, you might travel quite a bit and scratch that itch this calendar year.

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