Amazing Cliff Jumps Around the World


Take a deep breath and prepare to go cliff jumping around the globe…

Cliff jumping is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the brave (and sometimes stupid). It is for those who want to overcome fear. It is for those who want to show off to their friends.

It’s an extreme sport for some people and also a tourist attraction in places such as La Quebrada in Mexico where the famed clavadistas dive regularly each day. In fact, Red Bull, who are famous for their extreme sporting events, have been running the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series since 2009.

You can jump into the clearest, coldest, or choppiest waters in the world. Take your pick, but most importantly, take the plunge and take care.

The following video will no doubt get your adrenaline pumping as you witness some of the more extreme jumps that are possible for people with an acrobatic or gymnastic background.


So if you are ready to go and try it out for yourself, or maybe just want to take photos from the sidelines and leave it to the experts, here are some of our picks on where you can go cliff jumping around the world.

CAUTION: Look Before You Leap

Cliff jumping is an extreme sport so take care. Make sure you know the depth of the water you will be landing in and any surrounding rocks to avoid. Either jump from a pre-known safe spot or check the water depth beforehand. Your best bet is to go with a local guide.

1. Corfu


Take a boat around the islands of Greece and you’ll find plenty of rocks made for jumping off. At one particular rock near the coast of Agios Gordios you can choose between a 13 or 15-meter descent. Those two meters make all the difference when it comes to not only impact but getting to the top in the first place. Clamber up these sharp and steep rocks and your only option is to jump.

2. Paradise Valley


Paradise Valley lives up to its boastful name. This oasis in the desert cliche is a 45-minute drive out of Taghazout, Morocco. A further 30-minute hike and you’re exposed to fresh, clear and deep blue water amongst an ancient rock valley. There are cliffs aplenty to jump from for any experience or bravery level.

Choose from varying spots, heights, and water depth targets. Regain your composure and reward yourself post-jump by sunning yourself on the rocks.

3. Dubrovnik


The beautiful rock face coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia is just asking to be jumped off. Work your way from the smallest squealers to the bigger what the heck was I thinking jumps of about 19m.

To try the latter you can experience a full three-second free fall and you have to get your landing perfect to avoid ruining the rest of your holiday. Get tricky with flips or score a 10 for your perfected swan dive.

4. Acapulco


The La Quebreda Cliffs may be where you choose to take a cliff side viewpoint. Ooh and ahh as the famed divers make their precisely timed and prepared drops lo easy peasy. There’s a reason Timex cast an Acapulco diver for their commercial. Timing is everything as the waves only swell to a safe depth for five seconds.

The drop takes about three. You don’t want to get a millisecond wrong. These Harlem Globetrotters of the rocks also perform torch-lit night shows. Goosebumps.

5. Burlington


Ah Vermont, the home of super friendly, dog-loving hippie Americans. It is also home to Red Rocks Park in South Burlington where you can give a freshwater jump a go. And it’s fresh in ways than one. Brr. There are high ones and there are treacherous ones. Take your pick you crazy kids.

6. Kimberleys


We all know Australia is the notorious home of things that can kill you. So why not press the issue and get the adrenalin pumping in one of the most remote and beautiful parts of the globe so you don’t have to it with everyone. Plus not too many people will hear your girly scream as you plunge into the lakes and rivers of the area. It’s a great reward after exploring the area’s stunning cliffs, waterfalls, and gorges. Check depth and croc population.

7. Kahekili's Leap


If you want to leap where warriors leapt before you need to go to Hawaii. Tough ask, we know. Hawaii likes to start a trend. Not only are they bestowed with kickstarting surfing, they are also responsible for cliff jumping as we know it. The big kahuna of 1770, King Kahekili would leap feet-first in the waters of Lanai without making a splash.

You remember how your mother would say, “If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you too?” If your friend was Kahekili, you would. His warriors were encouraged to launch off 63-foot cliffs into water as shallow as 12-foot. You can prove your warrior status at many of the Hawaiian islands.

8. Brontallo


Switzerland goes hand in hand with fair maidens, ski bunnies, cheese and chocolate. But cliff jumping? Yes. There are plenty of heights on offer here for all levels. It’s the 78-footer that the champion divers take on each year.

Best you stick to the manageable ones and check with the locals, who monitor the water levels, before you plunge into the icy mountain waters.

9. Mostar


Technically not cliff jumping, the 20m (60ft) bridge jump in Mostar, Bosnia has become a must do for Eastern European travelers. Seemingly suicidal, jumping from this bridge is far less dramatic and blood pumping.

Historically, the Stari Most saw jumpers plunge to impress. It’s still that, with bystanders than partakers, but everyone who makes it is impressed with themselves for having the balls to leap. Speaking of which, it’s very important to enter this dive well and with all bits protected.

10. Zarautz


Take a hike through the Basque country cliffs of vineyards, spectacular beach views and protected wildlife areas and find yourself jumping for joy off these fun than scary 10 to 13m cliff faces.

Time it right with the tide, grab your GoPro and your friends for some “we life” moments.

11. Alberta


So you’re ready to dive into the chilly freshwater of the Canadian Rockies, ay? Combine your thrill-seeking nature with the picturesque lake beauty. Careful though. You might get stuck staring at the scenery and forget what you were up there for in the first place. Try Horseshoe Lake in Jasper or the Seebe Cliffs.

12. Rick's Cafe - Negril


Get yourself to the famous Rick’s Cafe for cliff jumping with the lot. Leap into the crystal clear waters from any of the five vantage points up to 35 feet. Or catch the locals getting even higher from the trees above. Finish up your afternoon leap fest with a beverage and world famous sunset with Bob Marley tunes on play.

13. Rishikesh


Find yourself in Rishikesh, India. Find yourself in the world capital of yoga. Find yourself hurling off 20 to 30 feet. As you raft down the rapids of the Ganges, your guide can give you the opportunity to add some adrenalin into the holy, but ice cold and murky, waters.

14. Pembrokeshire


Enjoy the Welsh scenery for a bit. Spot the scenes from Harry Potter. And leap. The seaside area of Pembreshire is perfect for hiking, and a refreshing dip in the chilled waters. You might even run into the local dolphin population.

CAUTION: Look Before You Leap

Cliff jumping is an extreme sport so take care. Make sure you know the depth of the water you will be landing in and any surrounding rocks to avoid. Either jump from a pre-known safe spot or check the water depth beforehand. Your best bet is to go with a local guide.

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