Best Places to Stay in an Igloo or Ice Hotel


Are you looking for a new and icy adventure? How about trying the unique amenities of an ice hotel? Although many people will choose to go somewhere warm and tropical for a holiday, the allure of a cool ice hotel may be something that will prove enthralling for some. Adventure lovers can also opt to experience how Eskimos live by staying in an igloo in the middle of a snowy landscape.

Below are some destinations that may prove interesting for someone who is looking to experience something new. Just remember to layer up since the experience can be really chilly.

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1. Golden Crown Levi Igloo


The Golden Crown Levi Igloo located in Utsuvaara, Finland is different from traditional igloos since it is not made from snow. Although it is surrounded by pristine white snow, the structure is made mostly from glass. Travelers who get the chance to stay in these glass-ceilinged igloos will find themselves enjoying a magical experience, especially at night, when the Northern Lights fill up the sky.

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2. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel


There’s something magical about the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. Located in Alta, Norway, this igloo hotel features impressive and creative ice sculptures. From hallway designs, coffee tables, fireplaces, and beds, the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel maximizes the dramatic effect of these intricately designed ice blocks. Don’t forget to make a visit to the hotel’s ice bar and enjoy a refreshing drink from a glass made out of ice.

3. Schneedorf Igloo Village


The Schneedorf Igloo Village is Austria’s first igloo village and provides travelers with a chance to live like an Eskimo. The hotel is located in the middle of a skiing resort, which would make it a perfect destination for skiing enthusiasts and those looking to relax in the Alps. A stay in the Schneedorf Igloo Village is sure to land in any traveler’s unique and unforgettable trip list.

4. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort


The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Saariselkä, Finland is another perfect spot to enjoy the Northern Lights. The resort features glass-ceilinged igloos which is set just on the edge of the wilderness. The resort and its surroundings are stunningly beautiful. Travelers will surely enjoy staying in these unique igloos which will definitely provide an enchanting holiday experience.

5. Eskimo Village


The Eskimo Village located in Pokljuka, Slovenia provides travelers with an experience that’s as close to an Eskimo’s life as possible. The beds are made out of snow and are covered by layers of materials that would keep anyone warm. Guests can also snuggle up to a blanket made out of sheep skin which will definitely ward off the chill.

6. Iglu Dorf


The Iglu Dorf only opens every December and the igloos are built across seven villages in Switzerland, Germany, and Andorra. The concept was started by Adrian Günter in 1995 who wanted to be the first person to enjoy the scenic mountain view and to go down on his snowboard. To accomplish that, he built himself a little igloo and from then on, the idea spread to other skiing tourists. Iglu Dorf is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015.

7. Iglu Village


Travelers to the Iglu Village in Kühtai, Austria will be mesmerized by the amazing designs that are sculpted into the igloo’s walls. It also features colorful snow dwellings that are lit by remote-controlled LED lights. The colors are most vivid at night, as it is set against a backdrop of white snow and dark starry nights. Active and sporty travelers will also have fun at the Iglu Village, which features unique activities such as snow golf and Midnight Frisbee.

8. Igloo Village Blacksheep


The Igloo Village Blacksheep La Plagne in France can give travelers a romantic snow-filled adventure. The unique accommodations are set in a ski resort where guests can sleep upon fur blankets. Travelers that are not looking forward to cold nights can also try out the hot igloo which is heated by a wood stove.

9. Igloo Village Bayerwald


Germany’s Igloo Village Bayerwald located in Mauth in the Bavarian Forest is for adventure lovers and creative travelers. The village offers various activities such as a snowshoe hike, campfire gatherings, and a nighttime walk. Those interested in learning how to build an igloo should definitely visit Igloo Village Bayerwald which offers a course in igloo building.

10. ALPENIGLU® Village


A stay in Austria’s ALPENIGLU® is perfect for nature lovers and adventure addicts. The village offers an active program for guests and such as a nightly torch walk through a forest, a bonfire gathering which is sure to warm any couple’s hearts, and even ice carving lessons.

11. Hôtel De Glace


Canada’s Hôtel De Glace is one of only a few ice hotels in North America. The hotel will open from January 4 until March 28 2016, and provides travelers with a magical snow adventure. There are many places to explore and relax in this ice hotel – including the majestic-looking chapel, and an outdoor spa and sauna.

12. Hotel of Ice


The Hotel of Ice located in Balea Lac, Romania is a sight to behold as it is nestled among the peaks of the Fagaras Mountains. Every winter, the hotel is rebuilt using huge blocks of ice removed from the glacial Lake Balea. Guests can also visit Romania’s Hotel of Ice every year to check out the new structures that are added to the hotel and the unique theme that will be used to decorate the ice rooms.

13. Snow Hotel


The Snow Hotel is a charming ice hotel located in Kemi, Finland. The rooms feature unique designs carved onto the snow walls. The whole hotel is made entirely out of snow and the rooms are equipped with sleeping bags and fur blankets, guaranteed to provide all guests with a warm and comfortable experience. The highlight of the hotel is the Snow Castle which features amazing ice and snow structures.

14. Lainio Snow Village


For those planning to spend a magical night in a room filled with artistic ice sculptures and furnishings, then Finland’s Lainio Snow Village is the perfect destination for such an adventure. It provides an exotic Arctic experience for travelers looking to enjoy something new.



The ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, is known as the world’s first ice hotel. It was founded in 1989 and provides tourists with a uniquely decorated snow structure. The hotel is made from natural ice taken from Europe’s last wild rivers, situated just 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. The design of the ICEHOTEL changes every year and features various ice artwork from several artists.

16. Kirkenes Snowhotel


Travelers loing to enjoy a scenic snowy adventure will enjoy a stay in Norway’s Kirkenes Snowhotel. This hotel, like so many ice hotels, is rebuilt every year. The ice blocks that builders use comes from a frozen lake located near the hotel. Chinese ice artisans design the intricate carvings and sculptures that are spread all throughout the hotel. Each room also has a different theme which is based on nature or the Arctic culture.

17. Snow Village


Ever wondered what a city would look like if the structures are made out of ice? Then a visit to the Snow Village would be the perfect adventure for you. During the first three months of the year, a replica of a city is created using snow and ice. Guests at the Snow Village can enjoy this unique attraction and wonder at the amazing light effects that give the ice architecture an entrancing quality at night.

18. Grandvalira Igloo Hotel


The Grandvalira Igloo Hotel provides a magical experience for travelers looking to spend a night, or two, in an igloo. Grandvalira is located 2,350 meters above sea level and is built completely from snow. The hotel offers four igloos which can accommodate up to six persons in a d or private room. Unique snow sculptures adorn this igloo which will be perfect for travelers who enjoy taking pictures. Not to mention, the views outside the Grandvalira Igloo Hotel are also pretty amazing!

19. Arctic Snowhotel & Glass Igloos


Arctic Snowhotel & Glass Igloos in Rovaniemi, Finland offers travelers two opportunities to enjoy a visit to the Nordic region. Guests can choose to stay in the Arctic Snowhotel where the rooms are surrounded by beautiful snow art. The bed is a transparent block made of ice and snow, however, guests can stay warm under reindeer furs. Meanwhile, the glass-ceilinged igloos provide guests the chance to witness the Northern Lights and the beautiful night sky.

So there you have it! This is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will knock your socks off.

We’ve heard rumors that Russia will be opening its own ice hotel in 2016 in Kamchatka. This brings us to the question – “Why doesn’t Iceland or Greenland have one?”

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