Top 20 Places to Ski in the World


Winter is in full swing! Snow is falling, temperatures are dropping and the Winter Olympic Games have us all marveling over the amazing talents of winter athletes. Why not take advantage of this beautiful time of year and hit the slopes?! Little can surpass the sensation of standing on top of a snow-covered mountain, ready to hit the runs. This is our list of top choices for those looking for recreational activities for an awesome ski vacation, with a few options from the southern hemisphere, so you can ski all year round! Enjoy and send us your best shots from the top of the hills!

1. Niseko


Niseko is the place to be for skiing in Japan. The powder here is unbeatable. Days and days and days of dumpings of snow make for awesome powder bowls. Add to this the resort’s famous tree trails and you have one terrific place to ski!

2. St. Anton


St. Anton is a top choice for experts, with challenging runs, deep powder, and vast terrain. Perhaps the best part of this resort, though, is the incredibly fun village of St. Anton, which is the quaint, picturesque town you would expect from Austria, but also has an insanely fun nightlife!

3. Lech


Lech is the perfect intermediate destination, especially for those intimidated by its neighboring ski resort, St. Anton. Lech offers skiers a sort of exclusivity and quiet that other resorts fail to provide. They even cap the number of day passes that can be given, helping avoid overcrowding on the mountain.

4. Bansko


If you are looking for an affordable option, without missing out on all that makes European skiing so amazing, try Bansko. This adorable Bulgarian village offers ski slopes that can easily rival resorts in Austria or Italy, and also offers a unique eastern-European charm that will make you feel right at home.

5. Courchevel


If you are going to splurge on an exceptional ski experience, Courchevel is the place to be! This resort is second to none when it comes to a phenomenal, luxurious skiing experience. The rich and famous this resort is known to be frequented by Beyonce and Prince William.

6. Chamonix


Chamonix is amazing because it is actually five different resorts in one. Situated in the stunningly beautiful Valée Blanche, this resort, because of its size, has something for everyone. If you are an expert, though, you will be hardpressed to find a better option.

7. Meribel


Meribel’s charm is its attention to detail and efforts to set itself apart from other French ski resorts. This resort does not allow highrise buildings to be built, rather requires that all buildings be done in a winter chalet-style. This means that its stunningly beautiful landscape has not been touched.

8. Cortina d'Ampezzo


Cortina d’Ampezzo has been made famous for its renowned ski events, including the Winter Olympic Games in 1956 and the annual hosting of the Alpine Ski World Cup and Tour de Ski. What really sets it apart, though, are the breathtaking views from every angle of the mountain.

9. Cervinia


Cervinia, situated on the southern side of the world-famous Matterhorn, is an exceptional choice for beginners and families. The runs here are not as challenging as some of their European counterparts but are equally as enjoyable. Plus, Cervinia boasts some of Italy’s best snowfall.

10. Riksgransen


While it may not offer the absolute best skiing in the world, Riksgransen’s location is one of the coolest places in the world to ski. This resort is located in the far north of Sweden, above the Arctic Circle! The snow coming off the Arctic Ocean creates awesome conditions for terrific skiing, especially for adventurers.

11. St. Moritz


Perhaps the best thing about St. Moritz is that you can bring along your non-skiing friends and they will have just as much (if not ) fun as you. This resort is also crazy beautiful, situated in the gorgeous Upper Engadin Valley in the South Eastern Alps, beside Lake St. Moritz.

12. Zinal


Zinal, now linked with nearby Grimentz, is the perfect Swiss escape. Tucked deep away in the Swiss Alps, this resort is charming and warm and has all the best of Switzerland. With top-notch skiing and a fairytale village and the ones around it really can’t be beaten.

13. Whistler


Whistler is the biggest ski area in North America and one of the most fun. This resort also offers some of the most reliable heavy snowfall in Canada, meaning you are more likely than not to have a great, powder-full day of skiing.

14. Revelstoke


Revelste is a ton of fun! This is the only resort in the world that offers lift, cat, helicopter and backcountry skiing from one village base. This is the place to be for adventurers who don’t want to be bound by strict trail boundaries. This resort is all about the backcountry!

15. Telluride


Telluride may not be the easiest Colorado resort to access, but taking the time to get there will be well worth your time. This resort is the Rocky Mountains at their very best! The skiing here is phenomenal, especially for experienced skiers and the views are some of the best you will find anywhere in the world.

16. Vail


Vail is world-famous, and for good reason. You can spend the day hitting the slopes and enjoying world-class skiing and then enjoy renowned restaurants and bars all night long, in Vail Village.

17. Alyeska


Alyeska, situated in the Turnagain Arm, in Alaska, boasts some of the best views of any ski resort in North America, as well as some of the best snow averages of any resort in the world. This is a massive resort and yet you will often find yourself off on your own while enjoying excellent skiing.

18. Park City


Park City is a massive winter playground! This resort has fourteen bowls, eight terrain parks, six natural half pipes, one superpipe, and one mini pipe. That’s a whole lot of skiing options! Park City is easy to get to, has great snow averages, and is overall just a ton of fun!

19. Portillo


Portillo is breathtakingly beautiful. Secluded in its own little world, away from any busy city or even town, this is a skier’s paradise because skiing is the focus of everything. You will have miles and miles of pristine trails, in gorgeous rocky mountains, free of any trees.

20. Cerro Catedral


Cerro Catedral demonstrates exactly why Patagonia is often considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Cerro Catedral does what many South American resorts do not, it constantly looks to modernize itself. This resort offers fantastic skiing with spectacular views.

There you go, twenty places to ski your hearts out this winter (or summer)! Think we missed somewhere? Let us know using the form below!

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