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There are places you visit in your life as a traveler that resonate particularly with you and make you say “I’ll probably go back someday”. And then there’s Kenya and its majestic Maasai Mara National Reserve. A Noah’s Ark of wildlife that brings these beautiful landscapes to life. A place you end up leaving, thinking: “How soon can I go back?”

Located in the South West of Kenya, the Maasai Mara is contiguous with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Home of the Maasai people, it is globally famous for its exceptional wildlife, and for hosting one of the most incredible natural events in the World – the Great Migration. A place where Disney found inspiration for Simba (Lion in Swahili), Pumbaa (Warthog in Swahili) and all the characters and story of the Lion King.

Sunset silhouette
Sunrise over the very iconic “Maasai Mara National Reserve”

Every day in the Mara is like a new adventure. Inside your jeep, with no protection and no particular path to follow, you drive around this incredible place that gives you a feeling of what the Earth looked like before the human race took it over. There, lions are the kings of the land. Elephants are freely roaming and breaking trees, here and there. Giraffes are graciously eating the leaves of the tallest trees. Hippos and crocodiles share the Mara River, which twice a year about 1.5 million wildebeest and zebras have to cross during the migration.

A spectacle even better than in any of your dreams!

Zebras drinking
Zebras drinking

Zebras tend to live in small harems, and are very common in the Mara. I couldn’t resist shooting this reflection of them, drinking in a water hole. 

Hippos fighting
Hippos fighting in the water is quite an impressive show
King of the jungle
An intense stare from the king of the jungle
Are you looking at me
“What did you just say? You talkin’ to me?”
Lion family
A doting lioness cares for her cubs
The cheetah, the fastest land animal on Earth, tends to live a solitary life
A family of cheetahs
A cheetah and two of her three playful cubs
Great wildebeest migration
This herd of wildebeest has found a much safer, shallow crossing
Leap of faith
A leap of faith as the first wildebeest attempts the treacherous river crossing
One of the most elusive animals in the big 5, is the leopard. A very shy and magnificent animal.
Mother and baby giraffe
“What’s for dinner mom?”
African elephants
This pair of young African elephants look like they are ready for a little drink
I found Pumbaa “Hakuna matata”
Gazelles fighting
These gazelle butt heads in a display of authority
A more loving face-off
Elephant and lion
Two powerhouses of the African plains, the lion and elephant
Vulture lunch
Vultures feasting on a dead wildebeest
African sunset
A lone acacia tree during sunrise
Lion at sunset
This image captures the true essence of how wonderful an African safari is. Simply breathtaking!
Milky way
At night, the sky comes alive. Here you can see the Milky Way

Have you had the opportunity to make it to Africa yet? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comment section below. Were you as enthralled as I was? What were your highlights and where did you go?

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