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Disney and Orlando are synonymous. Many people love Orlando for its sun-soaked beaches and thriving nightlife. Families that go there might all want the same thing, though: a fabulous time checking out the Disney-themed parks the city features.

You can explore Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where Star Wars comes to life. The Animal Kingdom Theme Park has many live animal adventures and Donald’s Dino Boat Bash. The Magic Kingdom lets you race through the gem mine from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. EPCOT Center has a Frozen-themed attraction.

Mickey and Minnie
Mickey and Minnie

You can also rent family-friendly Disney vacation homes. You can recharge your batteries there when you’re not visiting the parks. Let’s discuss some activities you can enjoy with the family while at one of the park-adjacent Disney vacation homes.

Have a Star Wars Night

When you return from exploring the parks, your kids may have energy left. Before bed, you might have a pleasant Star Wars theme night. Maybe your kids have toy lightsabers and other gear from this popular Disney property. You likely watched these movies as kids, just like they did.

You can invent a pretend game with a Star Wars theme. You might also watch one of the movies and pop some popcorn. Your kids can sleep that night and dream they’re in a galaxy far, far away.

Have a Pick-Your-Own Disney Movie Night

You might also put on Disney+ if you have the streaming service. You can watch on the TV in your vacation rental or on a tablet or laptop if you brought one.

You can ask each child for a movie pick. Disney+ has many different films, both animated and live-action. The kids might pick a new movie or an old favorite.

You may also choose one and see whether the kids like it. You might select an old classic from your youth. Maybe the kids will enjoy Aladdin or The Lion King, just like you did at their age.

Movie theater
Watch a show with the kids

Have a Pirate Night

You might love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This series, featuring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, has made billions in theaters over the years.

If you have older kids, you might watch movies with them. You can dress up in pirate gear if you bought some at the Disney theme parks.

Make sure you don’t watch these movies if you still have young children. They’re PG-13, and some special effects might seem too intense for young kids.

You can have a Disney-themed night at your vacation rental and tire the kids out. They can wrap up a day spent in the parks by watching some of the classic movies or shows you loved at their age. You’re passing the Disney experience on to them when they’ll most enjoy it.

Seeing their eyes light up should take you back to a bygone era in your own life. You’re sharing this magical time with your kids, just like your parents did.

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